Bush Supporters: Please answer this

This absoulutely disgusts me, and I need an answer:

The director of FEMA’s only previous experience was commissioner of judges and stewards for the International Arabian Horse Association for 11 years. He was forced to resign this position.

Do you think Bush giving the position of the head of FEMA to someone who has had absolutely no federal administration experience, let alone anything to do with disaster relief was a good decision?

And if so, why do you think it was a good choice made on Bush’s part?

Interesting question flyinj, but I have no point to make and am just posting to pad my post count.

Topic changed.

Bush has demonstrated exemplary leadership, and part of leadership is knowing someone well enough to promote them into positions of importance. Would you have him read a bunch of resumes from people he’s never met? Brown is a friend and a trusted colleague that Bush can entrust with important decisions.

If you want strong leadership you can’t build a committee by committee. You have to let the people in charge take initiative to build the best team possible even if it’s not politically expedient. It’s likely that if a liberal had been in charge of FEMA that they would have voluntarily delayed strictly to make Bush look bad. It’s not like this kind of thing is unheard of.

[size=7]HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA[/size]…oh God, I can’t believe I typed that and made it this far.

Bush supporters? Don’t you mean suppositories?


I haven’t seen a talking point to counter this arguement so I don’t expect any Bush supporters to reply.

If no Bush supporters can give a good reason why this guy was assigned by the President as head of FEMA, I’m assuming that, like any other logical-minded human being, that it was a bone-headed mistake.

And one the President should be held accountable for.

that it was a bone-headed mistake

Bush make a bone-headed mistake? IMPOSSIBLE!

Ok, I’ll try: Bush thought that there would never be another disaster affecting Amerika because we are Gawd’s chosen people! Thus, there is no need to appoint any competent personnel! Sweet!

I’ll take a stab at it. What you need to do is make it sound like it would have been worse if Brown wasn’t there to save the operation:

“Michael Brown has shown that he’s qualified for the job because of the success that FEMA has had despite the incompetence of state and local government.”

Note that it doesn’t make any sense, but with careful wording, it might sound like it does.

Just to drive the nail home, it turns out he got his law degree from a non-accredited (law-wise) law school. He only practiced law a few years, then volunteered in some capacity to grade bar exams. He served on some other type of volunteer thingy reviewing lawyers, then didn’t work in law for fifteen years. Then he played with horsies.


Big deal. If he passed the bar he got a worthy education in law.

Big deal. If he passed the bar he got a worthy education in law.[/quote]

With the exception of “Catch me if you can” that’s not the case. Here, I found the relevant article:


you can use poenews poenews to get in. He’s an utter boob when it comes to things lawyerly, or at least a complete no-show.

Unless, of course, there’s still somewhere you can pass the bar without going to law school? I’d love to be able to just study a few months and be a lawyer.


Unless, of course, there’s still somewhere you can pass the bar without going to law school? I’d love to be able to just study a few months and be a lawyer.

Even I could do that much! Hook it up let us know about that state cause I am moving tomorrow if so.

Anyone with moderate intelligence, cash for a bar review course, and six weeks to cram could probably pass the bar exam of most states. I’ve passed the bar exam for two states – New York and Texas – and while neither test was a cakewalk, neither were they terribly law school specific. Hell, both states have major sections on an area many law students don’t take (wills, trusts and estates), and Texas has a section dedicated to oil and gas, which I never took in law school. It isn’t an easy test, to be sure, but it’s far from impossible.

You can’t tell everything about a lawyer from his school of choice – I’ve met dumbasses from Harvard and exceedingly talented lawyers from lesser-known (but accredited!) law schools – but it’s certainly a better indicator than merely passing the bar exam. I’m certainly much prouder of my UT law degree than I am passing various bar exams.

Some states still allow “reading for the bar,” which is essentially an apprenticeship kind of thing where you work for a practicing lawyer for several years and are then permitted to sit for the exam. As you can imagine, this happens approximately never in the modern age.

Many states also allow one to sit for their exam if you went to a nonaccredited school in that state. Part of the reason California has a very low bar passage rate is that it is home to a shitload of nonaccredited law schools who attract the less sharp knives in the drawer, who in turn can sit for the bar exam in no state but California.

Of course, you can get a law license without passing the bar exam if you live in Wisconsin – graduates of their state law schools are exempted from sitting for the Wisconsin bar exam.

Also let me say, as someone whose conservative credentials are reasonably well-established on these forums: there is absolutely no excuse for the administration’s handling of the aftermath of Katrina, and I for one cannot support an executive that has acted with such gross incomptence. I am saddened, if not surprised, that many of my ideological brethren have mounted even tepid defenses of the administration on this matter.

I was noting on the IRC channel the other day that in a more genteel time, this sort of poor performance would require the resignations from Bush on down the line, purely as a matter of honor and integrity. Even after taking a few days left to reflect on that, I still believe it to be true. Tragically, those days have apparently passed us by.

I disagree with John Kerry and the Democratic Party on just about damn near everything, but I say this with the utmost sincerity: if Katrina had hit last year, I would have voted for Kerry. Incompetence of this magnitude simply cannot be rewarded.

I’m glad to hear that. Ideology, and voting based on it, is fine if you are presented with two equally unattractive options, but at some point the rubber has to meet the road. I still consider myself fairly centrist, I imagine that once a Dem is back in power, I’ll be critical of that administration as well. I long for the days of gridlock, and throwing my vote away on some jackass just to put a point against the two-party system.


Are you saying that Mike Brown is actually Derek Smart?

Are you saying that Mike Brown is actually Derek Smart?[/quote]

Yes, except nobody calls Derek Smart when a million people’s lives are at risk.