Bush using phone intercepts to track political reporters


The piece is written in a roundabout sort of way. But if I understand it, Brian Ross is reporting at ABC news that the US government is tracking the calling patterns of political reporters to further their leak investigations.

Impeach the motherfucker already.

What the fuck is going on in Washington???

The true outcomes of the conservative ideology: Corruption and totalitarianism.

I dunno, I’m not sure Bush is even a real conservative (rather than a panderer) – he seems to adjust his beliefs to whatever he wants to do. (e.g., Nationbuilding).

I would say Bush is not a true conservative. Government is bigger than ever and he’s pursuing tax cuts for the sake of pursuing tax cuts, certainly not as part of an economic plan.

I have to wonder if even conservatives know what a “true” conservative is anymore. The definition sure as hell seems fluid to me.

Well, he’s a social conservative and it seems like that’s usurped the definition of conservative across the board. I’m not a conservative, but I believe true political conservatives should be extremely annoyed with having their good name ruined.

As far as I can tell, adjusting your beliefs to define whatever you want to do is the hallmark of true conservative ideology.

If your plan fails you are no longer a true conservative. If you succeed you were a conservative all along.

I believe this will be the technique that conservatives will use as damage control to distance themselves from the Presidency. “Well, you know that George W. Bush wasn’t really a conservative…”

What are the apologists (cough Nick Walter cough) in the NSA phone records thread going to say in this one, I wonder.

Well, since I’ve been called on by name, I guess I’d better comment.

Saver Cherrry is a big fat dooddie head.

The recent news would be more entertaining if they weren’t so disturbing. It’s still non-fiction, right?

Which part of the “government” is doing the tracking of spies is not mentioned. Least paranoid-case scenario is to assume it is some part of the CIA trying to plug leaks. They name a few specific cases: Reporting of secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe, and use of missiles in Afghanistan. Are any of these in any way “classified” information that is illegal? That is, ABC news writes about the stuff so more American kids on the ground die.

This is probably the defense spin the govm’t will try to bring up. Want to see if there is any truth to it.

It’s Nixon to the Quadrillionth power…

How is it not “spin” to try and connect this with the NSA program or anything else the government is doing given a near total absence of any information or context? But don’t let that get in the way of a good Bush mouth-frothing…

I agree with you, Linoleum, to a degree but it seems like part of the problem here is the total lack of info or context for people to evaluate something this serious. Who knows if the press is the target for this, the fact that this seems to be going on at all in any capacity should be the real eye-opener.

By the way, could someone out there try and genuinely explain why Bush has decided to treat civil liberties like his personal prison bitch? Is it really the war on terror? Because there are probably a lot of things he could be doing to make it seem like he’s doing a better job. Did civil liberties wedgie him as a child?

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

He’s not a conservative. There’s no need to mince words anymore, he’s just a straight up, big F, Fascist. All this police state stuff he’s into is not conservatism, with either a big or little C.

Linoleum, at least half of the police state stuff he’s done Bush has baldly admited to doing, or having the power to do. That should be more than proof enough, and past a certain point it’s reasonable to disbelieve the arguements of such an avowed and accomplished liar.

The comments in the ABC blog are terrifying. I am guessing a right wing blog linked to it.

Good! I hope they do find out who is leaking national security info to the press. I’m tired of the press helping our enemies. Maybe you guys should start trying to “FOR the USA” instead of “AGAINST the USA” ALL THE TIME. I hope the FBI nails lots of idiots who are out to destroy the intelligence agencies and cost us more soldiers and spys!

Posted by: Grace | May 15, 2006 11:09:57 AM

'Bout time you guys are roped in.

Posted by: Brad | May 15, 2006 11:11:50 AM

Excellent the Media needs looking after, Traitors most of them…

Posted by: ken wiley | May 15, 2006 11:12:07 AM

good, you seditionist creeps deserve what you get. who knows how many serviceman have died because of your “right to know”

Posted by: jeff bynum | May 15, 2006 11:12:10 AM

I hope the information they gain allows them to catch the scum that leak information, and helps them arrest the communist scum who publish it.

Posted by: Dave Mottolo | May 15, 2006 11:12:28 AM

'Bout time you guys are roped in.

Posted by: Brad | May 15, 2006 11:13:00 AM

well maybe ABC news better stop leaking classified information. This only helps our enemies and right now I believe ABC news is an enemy of the US.

I would counter that what we’re seeing is not only not conservative, but not Republican either. This is something entirely new.