Bush's Address on the Economy

Both sides have developed a complete hatred for the other, and both sides feel completely justified in that. Each is amazed how the other can be so stupid.

I have little sympathy since it was the Republicans who decided that they could embrace radical elements demonize the other side in order to win elections.

That said, partisanship isn’t really the problem. Government works when the two sides clash and have work out issues. The real issue is the intentional undermining of the rule of law, and the systematic dismantling of any kind of enforcement of self-regulation.

To follow up, the AP reports on a study which shows racism is suppressing Obama’s support by about 6%.

As a counterpoint, Nate of 538 isn’t convinced by this study.

McCain is never going to go below 40%. That’s all of Bush’s 29 percenter folks, plus the racists, plus the folks who still like McCain no matter what. He still hasn’t gone above 50% either.

Well, you just let me know when Batman is on the ballot, kid.

What?! Batman’s a fascist! He’d have monitors in our living rooms!!


Though you can be safe knowing that he would destroy them as soon as he got what he wanted.

Besides, Batman is in favor of gay marriage.

Oh, please. He’s never going to make Robin an honest man.