Bush's address

This has to be one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. Here is our president on the aniversary of this nations greatest tradgedy, spending 90% of his time pushing his bullshit agenda in Iraq. Nevermind the fact that how many commisions now have determined that there was no link between iraq and al qaeda or 9/11? And then he starts in with the fucking World War II analogies?

We’re watching “The Drug Years” on VH1. It’s just about as enlightening.

I’m not sure how many times he needs to explain that 9/11 was caused by an ideology, not a person or a group, and as such the response must be more comprehensive than an elimination of a “responsible party.” He’s said it over and over again, if you bother to listen or read his speeches.

The whole point of the ill-named GWOT is to confront and defeat the grounds from which Islamist (not IslamIC) fascists gather strength. He’s gone over this time after time. Frankly, I believe that at this point anyone who doesn’t get it simply won’t - the very notion is beyond their perspective.

Pop quiz: The first country the USA invaded in WW2 was?

The only thing that pisses me off more are the dumb bastards that keep eating this up.

Hopefully the mainstream media will finally wake up one day…

Iraq under Saddam was an area where Islamists gathered strength? Fascinating.

When the retarded boy down the street tells you over and over again that he put his foot “in a stinky”, you don’t need to listen more than once, and you wish you’d never heard it in the first place.

Eh? Iraq under Hussein was a secular state and long time US ally – it wasn’t a “grounds from which Islamist fascists (sic) could gather strength”. However, now, after our years long occupation, it is a premiere breeding ground for terrorists – according to right wing State Department and CIA sources.

So Bush can go over it as many times as he likes – the connection between the US invasion of Iraq and supposedly fighting religious fanatics is still a farce. The Bush administration’s actions have spread terrorism further, not contained it, and the currently touted rational for invasion is every bit as much Bullshit as all the previously reasons that have been retired once exposted to the light of day.

The… middle east?

Pop quiz: The first country the USA invaded in WW2 was?

Australia. Those Aussies are ruthless! They even wired kangaroos with explosives…come hopping in the camp and knock out ten guys!

I find the image of Bush reading a TelePrompter while trying to look sincere, revolting.

If that were true, or even if Bush’s cabinet believed it, why wouldn’t they present it as the reason for going into Iraq when they addressed the U.N.? Their reasons were false. Why present them instead of this true (and in your mind noble) objective?

Pop quiz: The first country the USA invaded in WW2 was?


Ummm… Morocco, aka North Africa, aka Operation Torch.

Correct. Another country that never attacked us.

Your skills have grown weak, Ms Sarandon

Precisely, and we did exactly that…in Afghanistan. Then, instead of finishing the job there, we pointlessly invaded Iraq, leaving Afghanistan to become Yet Another Narco-state, and allowing the Taliban to find refuge in Pakistan.

Nobody is denying our need to be proactive in shutting down havens of terrorism, but Iraq was not a significant contributor to global terror. It’s just a tragedy - thousands of lives lost, half a trillion dollars down the drain, Bush is a defacto lame duck president who will spend the rest of his term trying to clean up Iraq, and we are significantly weakened in the middle east to boot.

Republicans should be as upset about this as Democrats are - it’s time to stop parroting the administration’s propaganda, and demand some accountability from your country’s leaders.

I was under the impression that the European war had spread to North Africa by that time, and that among the engaged parties were Britain with whom we had an alliance, and Germany who had declared war on us after Pearl Harbor. Also, I was under the impression that Morocco at the time was a colonial holding of France, which had been conquered by Germany in 1940. Correct me if these impressions are mistaken.

I don’t see the situation being particularly analogous.

I think he’s saying that North Africa was a breeding ground for Germanofascism. Turning a blind eye to the Nazi training camps in Morocco is typical of your naive pre-12/7 mindset.

phew I can see this is going to take some work.

Sober work. Tomorrow.

…at the invitation of Mohammad V, the rightful King of Morocco, who desperately wanted to rid his country of the Vichy government. Mohammad and the the Moroccan people disliked the French rather intensely…but they HATED the Vichy government.

GrinR, what correlation were you trying to draw here, because frankly there is none. You’re outta your league here, junior.

(By the way, two of my best buddies are Moroccan nationals living here in the US. Both have degrees in history, and have recommended me many wonderful works on North African history, amazingly written from a number of viewpoints. So, were you just makin’ chitchat, or did you really wanna talk about the weather?)