Bush's left-side lip droop--has anyone else noticed it?

Has the President had a mild stroke here at some point? Looking at the debate footage last night, the left side of his mouth droops noticeably.

And yes, I know I’ve posted this on brutesquad.net and popehat.com, but I think it an important thing to consider. Couple this with the symptoms of “presenile dementia” some observers have noted http://www.onlinejournal.com/Special_Reports/091804Mazza/091804mazza.html , and this could be an issue-- look at how much more coherent he seemed than now during the debates with Ann Richards.

Last night I was wondering if Bush had had a stroke, if a pixie had stolen Kerry’s irises and why the hell didn’t I buy more liquor…

even more importantly, what was up with that chunk of dried spit in the corner of bush’s mouth? that was driving me nuts.

I think that was his soul.

Was he coughing it up, or trying to swallow it again?