Bush's polling rise

Oops, guess some of you guys spoke too soon.

CNN has a poll reporting that 66% of those polled support Bush’s ultimatum to Iraq.

So much for that mysterious “majority” that were against the war.

And since it’s at CNN, it must be unbiased and true.


See also this Washington Post/ABC News poll:

Approve-disapprove of the way Bush is handling Iraq: 64-29 approve (7% have no opinion).

Has Bush done enough to win other countries’ support vs. Iraq? 72-25 say he has (3% no opinion).


Even more surprising, 53% of people IN GREAT BRITAIN say they have “confidence that George Bush will make the right decisions on Iraq” as opposed to 43% who do not.


Jason McCoulughgtout and Tim Eljifffd will find some way to spin this in their anti-Bush angle.

Let’s all watch it happen.

There’s nothing to spin; phrasing questions are common in polling.

Check the polls here. People are pretty evenly split between “invade only with the UN” or “invade without the UN if necessary.” Both of these are rather mixed up in a question like “do you favor military action?”

But it tips pretty heavily in favor of action should ther UN tell us to piss off.

As Jason said, the question dictates the answer. Saying you support the decision of the president doesn’t mean you feel we should be going to war. Even the CNN article you linked pointed that out:

The poll, however, also pointed to some doubt among the American public about the merits of going to war. Of the 66 percent who said they approve of Bush’s decision, 21 percent said they were not sure it was the right thing to do, but they supported the president regardless.

This sentiment has been expressed quite a bit. Senators saying they would not vote Aye on a war resolution, but will support the President and the U.S. troops if the decision to go to war is made.

I’ll dig up some quotes and whatnot if you’d like, but they are interspersed in pretty well every political statement you can find.

That’s just a CYA ploy in case this all goes well. They don’t want to have been on record as “against” anything that ends up looking good to voters.

Oh, I agree completely with that statement. If war is inevitible, it is politically safe to then support it. That way if it goes bad, you can say “see, I told you we shouldn’t have done it” and if it goes well, you can say “see, I supported the war”. It’s politics at its most obvious.

I hate to admit it, but I’m relieved that we’re invading Iraq. I disagree with Bush’s stated reasoning for taking Saddam out of power, but I do agree that the man needs to be stopped. Saddam will be a major world issue in the future and I’m glad to see he’s being removed from power. He tortures and murders his own people, so of course he wouldn’t hesitate to do the same to other countries citizens.

But damn, I wish Bush would learn how to deal with the rest of the world. I’m so uncomfortable with this “screw you world, we’re the big dogs and we’re doing what we want” attitude of the current administration. In Bush’s first year in office he withdrew the U.S. from 5 long standing treaties. He gave Russia and China the finger and announced the development of an ABM system. He seems to be bent on issolating the U.S. from the rest of the world at all costs.

I think this may be more political ideology than anything else. Conservatives tend to have an independent streak, balking at any sort of treaty that would seem to hamstring us, even if only short-term. As far as withdrawing from treaties goes, the US should be reviewing its commitments overseas.

I don’t think all of the pro-war pollers are necessary pro-Bush…