Bush's Town Hall Meetings

I assume the government is paying for these. Does anyone know the rules on how partisan they have to get before they have to be paid for by the Bush campaign?

Can you get more partisan than having the Secret Service remove members of the audience for having ‘No Blood for Oil’ stickers on their cars?

Those werent SS guys, those were republican party troops. (seriously)

So, they are SS… Just not the Waffen kind?

Oh for God’s sake, there’s a world of difference between political party employees/volunteers and a law enforcement organization. Get your head out of your ass and recognize the difference between one political flunky overstepping his bounds and an action by an agency of the US government.

You need to elevate your game, these half-assed Nazi allusions just don’t cut it anymore. I think the “town meetings” are complete BS, but I’m hardly going to go around yelling “Police state! Watch out for the Holocaust”.

I was chuckling at CNN showing yet another of Bush’s SS crapola “town halls” today. Doesn’t the dipshit realize he’s lost yet?

Right, it’s Republican staffers throwing people out, not Treasury officers. The question is whether that is over the line. I’m sure there must be a line defining what the President can and cannot spend money on, and I’m wondering where that line is. So by “what does it take?” I am not asking a rhetorical question. I’m serious. In legal terms, what does it take to make an event ineligible to be funded by the Government?

No idea as far as legalities, but imo, if taxes are footing the bill, they should at least have someone with some actual authority throw the guys out (or have someone like the SS decide if they should even BE thrown out, noone else should have a say, if he isnt in physical danger from them, they should be able to stay) rather than giving any random republican party staffer guy the power to remove non- disruptive people from this type of event.

Right. For instance, political party volunteers don’t typically throw people out of public events at which the President is speaking.

apparently, the events are “sponsored” and staffed by local republican groups, who are the ones that pass out the tickets. so, even though tax dollars are paying for a significant portion of the event, they can throw people out because it isn’t government officials doing it.