But can it Deathblossom?

I’ve already had sex.
What I HAVEN’T had, is a badass Starfighter seat.

I feel like this chair requires more vertical clearance than i would have in places i would want to put it.

Also, it probably costs like 50k.

I always wonder why companies make this? It has to be about press right? I can’t imagine them selling more than a couple hundred worldwide.

Cool. In case it wasn’t obvious, I was just joking around.

lol, I know dude

How does he know? Is there “something” between the two of you?

Which I guess brings us to other possibles uses for the Thronos…

Anyway, there’s bound to be some gamer girl out there that would use that thing like Yennefer’s stuffed unicorn.

OMG sex during death blossom!



Something something something @Timex in the Thonoes of ecstasy

I like where this is headed.

This thread has become the best thread on the forums overnight.

Hey now, let’s not get crazy.

Knew what it was, still clicked it

I reiterate my previous statement.

The classics are the best.

Wait, what?! The glove is for that!

That’s only the… beginning.

I love the power glove…