But it's celebrity customized ... I MUST HAVE IT!

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BET presents the

Own this Ying Yang Twins


Computer specs: HP Pavilion 305 w-b computer, Intel Celeron 2.7ghz, 256mb DDR SDRAM, 40GB HD, Intel Extreme Graphics Card (up to 64mb video memory), CDRW 48x24x48x, Integrated Ethernet, USB Powered Speakers, One Year Warranty, v72 17" CRT Monitor, Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Works 7, Microsoft Encarta, Norton Antivirus.

Computer has been customized with cut pictures of the Ying Yang Twins glued to the computer tower!

Item also includes mini poster autographed by the Ying Yang Twins. Poster is rolled and creased.

Shipping determined by winning bidder’s zip code.
Please call for rates.

Dude, that’s totally bad ass! … best mod I’ve evar seen on a computer… word. (etc)

Wow, a brand new 3 year old computer covered with pictures of people I’ve never seen before in my life. Thank you, sir, for bringing this amazing, deal of a lifetime to my attention! :)

Damn it - what to buy what to buy…

this or
Christian Slater’s Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

Does it come with Windooooooooooooooooooows?

Shawty crunk, on the floor wide open
Skeet so much, they call her Billy ocean
Roll, like a 18 wheeler (whomp whomp)
That ho fine, but this ho a killa

Ho’s be drunk on it, pop
Let me see ya shake it baby, when you do the walk on it

Shake it like a salt shaker
Tremble like a vibrator
Shake it like a salt shaker
Tremble like a vibrator

That’s about as close as one can get to false advertisement. They make no mention that its a picture of his X-Wing, other than it looks great framed.

But its only $37!

It would be better if the monitor said “MAKE THAT PUSSY FART” across the top.

Is Ying Yang interchangeable with Yin/Yang nowadays? When I was a youngster, yingyang meant something undesireable (e.g., “One could only come to the conclusion that it was a proper bollix; there can be no logical conclusion other than that the natives took it up the ying yang on that Manhattan Purchase!”), whereas Yin/Yang meant something positive.

I’m ASSuming the lexicon has morphed out from under me again; or perhaps it’s just that it’s no longer considered self-deprecating to identify oneself and one’s associates as “the Anus Twins” or some such.

Ying Yang is just what people say instead of Yin/Yang when they don’t know any better.

Also, would this be a good time to repost this:


I was always under the assumption that “ying yang” was an American term used/spelled because the vast majority of us couldn’t care less about other cultures and their languages.