But what did he think of it?

Dig it, Qt3:

Getting the most attention at Consolidated’s Ward 16 theaters weren’t the movies – it was Barack Obama. The presidential candidate got there just in time for the 3:40 showing of the batman movie “Dark Knight.”

Hey, McCain, tell us again about Viva Zapata! Or maybe about how you actually liked the last Indiana Jones movie. Or that We Were Soldiers is the best movie about Vietnam. Sheesh. Do we really want someone like that as the leader of the free world…?


That’s a terrible headline pun.

So…McCain’s attack ads now will feature fictional celebrities?

It’s not a pun! I want to know. Did he dig on Ledger’s performance? What did he think of the ferry boat dilemma? Who knew Aaron Eckhart had it in him? And wasn’t Maggie Gyllenhaal awesome? Did you not even see that pencil trick coming or what? And how crazy is it that Republicans are trying to co-opt this movie the way the Nazis co-opted Wagner? Dang.

Heck, I just want Barack Obama to start posting in our movie threads. I want him in our Qt3 movie club. I want to know what he thought of Pineapple Express and if he agrees that Indiana Jones is now as tainted as Star Wars. Forget having a beer with presidential candidates. I want to gab about movies with them, and that’s simply not going to work with McCain droning on about Viva Zapata:


For once, McCain commenting on Zapata! has seriously left me unable to comment.

I really don’t know what to say about McCain.

I think he meant the headline of the article you linked to, “It’s a DARK KNIGHT for Obama This Afternoon!” - Gene Shalit, Today!

And how crazy is it that Republicans are trying to co-opt this movie the way the Nazis co-opted Wagner?

Did the Nazis co-opt Wagner? Didn’t he expel all the Jews from the Berlin symphony orchestra?

Tom knows that, he’s just playing on my lack of elaboration.

With the slimmest contextual justification, here’s an anime vampire Nazi sharpshooter called “Rip van Winkle” busting out some opera.

That’s cool, but I’ll be more impressed with Barack when he’s spotted walking out of Best Buy with a new Xbox.

Of course, if he has time for that he’d probably be a shitty president, so nevermind.

Pffft, I can juggle two consoles, a PC, two handhelds, and a steady stream of books, without taking three months of vacation per year.

Anyone who’s seen any Eckhart movie since In the Company of Men.

So no one, then?