Buttlord: the book

I’m assuming you all know Buttlord, for those who don’t I pity you. It’s a beautifully drawn and hilarious web comic take off on Dragon Ball Z. Here’s the first adventure: Buttlord vs Snowball Even funnier if you’ve ever seen an episode of Dragon Ball Z, but still funny if not.

For those of you who have heard but only link to the comic itself:
From the site:

I had an idea last night for publishing BLGT. It involes a pledge system, sort of like public television. For those of you who don’t know what public telelvison is let alone wha the hell I am blabbering about, let me explain. Basically, you would send me an email stating that would would pay $X for teh BLGT book. This way, we could see if enough people were interested in buying the thing and you are not out a single penny. Now, if the dollar ammount that would be required for printing was met (i.e. if enough people “pledged”) a paypal system would be set up, and the Pledgees would all pay up. With that money, I would have the books printed up and mailed, and any profit after all that shit would be split between nathan and I. Whew. I dunno, is that a crappy idea? What do you think?

So to recap: IF they get enough bids they’ll ask you to pay up, if not you lose nothing.
The rest of you check it out, I put my pledge in.