Buy or don't buy Resident evil 4?

played re4, got to and beat the lake boss . is it worth 49 dollars to finish the game? is there enough game to justify the cost? should I buy another game instead?

You’re about 1/4 of the way through the game. It’s a 20 hour game, give or take, with two extra minigames that open up after you finish. Both are worth playing. Ridiculously powerful weapons open up for subsequent playthroughs. You can also carry over your inventory and cash from a completed save into a new game, so you can go back and utterly destroy the parts that gave you trouble the first time through.

So yeah, I’d say it’s worth buying if you enjoyed what you played so far.

I’m on my third playthrough currently, enjoying the benefits of the Chicago Typewriter and Infinite Launcher.

Yeah definitely worth buying. You’re nowhere near finished. The game is just hella fun. Blowing the heads off those zombies never gets old. And just when you think it can’t get better, you realize you can now suplex zombies :)

When I finished, the game timer was on 18 hours, btw.

Wait… what? You can suplex zombies?! I never saw that.

Anyhoo, definitely buy. This game is just very satisfying and when you complete you really feel as if you have accomplished something (even if the last boss is a bit easier than some of the other guys).

I believe if you’re looking down at the ground, you do a suplex instead of a kick.

I’ve heard that you only suplex when:

A) It’s a monk.
B) The monk is down on his knees.

No, but you only suplex when the enemy is down on its knees, and the enemy is a zombie-like enemy. You might even be able to do it from the beginning; I’ve never checked.

Random other note: headshotting an enemy seems to have little effect on whether a parasite springs up.

True, I just remembered that I suplexed the guys in disc 2 as well.

Though, I don’t think you can suplex villagers. I’ve had them down on their knees on my second playthrough, and kick is still the only option.

Also, I think parasites only happen after the plot tells them to. I’m headshotting like crazy with a fully upgraded Red9, and if they don’t immediately die, they still look normal.

Buy it. Definitely. It’s all about the chainsaws!


I never got that suplex option. Though I tended to switch to my striker whenever any large group of zombies got to close to me :wink:.

I’d also like to submit (and I guess this is a spoiler):

The part when you get on the three mine carts and have to blow away every guy jumping on is just about the most awesome sequence ive experienced in awhile. I almost wanted to die on purpose so I could do it again.

Buy it. Great Cube game. So many neat ways to dismember non-zombie Spanish/Italian cultists.

Why are you still reading? Buy the game, already.

Buy it, dammit.

The suplex only works on the monks and the soldiery guys on the island.

I clocked 20 hours on my first playthrough, but the subsequent minigames ate up quite a bit of time too. It’s all about the neck breaking!

For what it’s worth… EGM just gave Resident Evil 4 their “Game of the Month” award (i.e. best score of all reviewed games). They recommend it to RE fans and haters alike since it’s so different from the previous games in the series. They said lack of strafing is the only notable shortcoming, everything else was (finally) fixed.

I don’t have it yet but I definitely plan to buy it. By the way, I’m glad that the cube gets another couple of great games before it’s obsolete… I’ve had it packed away for months as there simply wasn’t anything interesting coming out. Now there’s RE4, a new Zelda coming up, and Star Fox: Assault looks decent as well.

Star Fox is looking pretty mediocre unfortunately.

Back to waiting for Zelda… ;)

I bought a Gamecube for this game (and probably only this game) and have not been disappointed. It really is fabulous.