Buy Two Get One Free for PS2 at Toys R Us

If you’re not aware of this deal, you should be. At the stores, anything $19.99 and above is fair game. Buy two and get a third of equal price or lower for free. I just picked up Kingdom Hearts, Rez and Contra: Shattered Soldier tonight for $100 plus tax. They had Vice City and it would’ve been possible to use that or any other game (Tony Hawk 4, Suikoden III, Wild Arms 3, etc.) as the freebie. You can go back multiple times and use the coupon on multiple games too. Even if you can only swing the $40 it takes to get three Greatest Hits titles, it’s worth it.

Don’t miss out. The deal ends Saturday. If you don’t have a TRU near you or are lazy, you can also get the deal at but it’s relegated to $49.99 titles only online.