Buying a bed: who loves what they have?

I like the way this man thinks.

We have the the same “Heavenly Mattress” bed used as Westin hotels and in suites at the Wynn in Las Vegas.

Pricey, but if you use code W4ZA2 you can get 40% off. Prices include shipping.

That’s the bed we have, as well. Picked it up a couple years ago and have really liked it.

Beauty of the Sleep Number bed: soft when you want to sleep, adjust to firm for other activities.

You guys rock. I feel much more armed with knowledge. Thanks, all!

Will let you know how it goes. Won’t be for a month or so, since we’ll obviously buy the new bed and have it delivered to the new house after we close, which is end-of-Sept.

I love my Sleeptrain matress.

I hate my Ikea frame. Do not get Ikea. Spend the extra money for a quality bed frame. Do not get Ikea. (and it should go without saying that you do not buy matresses from them)

We’ve had a TempurPedic for a year now. I liked it a lot more when I was pregnant because I was about 30 pounds heavier, and really sunk into it (it feels too firm now). I could feel the support and rarely had trouble sleeping (at least, not for lack of a comfortable sleeping position and support). I like that it doesn’t shake and bounce when my partner moves around. But sitting on it, hanging out and reading, crawling from one side to the other, and sex are awkward because it’s like sitting on dry sand at the beach. It kind of eats up your movements and you have to really exert yourself.

I have a mid-range Sealy Posturopedic and hate it with a passion. It’s a piece of crap and is very uncomfortable.

Care to go into details? I have nothing but good things to say about my IKEA bed and I’ve had no quality issues whatsoever.

I chuckled at this. Back when I was a young man, I had an unbaffled waterbed and I did just fine. It’s all about rhythm, LK.

I’m glad this thread popped up though. I’m currently sleeping on about a 10 year old Posturepedic and I need to shop again. My current mattress has a very slight sag that is starting to get annoying.

Also those pillows that JMJ were talking about sound all kinds of awesome.

Might as well ask this here, has anyone ever tried one of these?

We had an Ikea bed which was uncomfortable junk. Tossed it and got a Simmons Beautyrest. Easily got almost half off MSRP. Love it to pieces, super comfortable and you will not be disturbed by your partner’s thrashing about.

All true, but these are exactly the qualities I like, I guess. It’s really something that you should definitely try before you buy to the extent you can.

You read those supposed quotes? They read to be very fake with the obvious grammatical errors. That said, I would love to try one of those as I have 2 fans that blow on me at night.

I sleep on a Japanese-style futon - not like a sofa bed, a thin mattress on the floor (shikibuton) with a duvet thing (kakebuton). My back has never been happier.

Plus I’m 6’4 and there’s no way I could fit a double bed in my room. I’ll never sleep in a single bed again, if I can help it.

Yeah the whole site seems kind of like that so I’m not sure if it’s legit or not but I have the same issue. A ceiling fan and a stand up fan still don’t keep me from waking up kicking the sheets off and my room can often sound like being inside an airplane at times. Plus I wake up feeling like my head is frozen but my body is burning up.

When we first got our IKEA foam mattress, I was a bit skeptical of what sleeping on $100 or whatever it was would feel like. Knowing from The Sims that the bed is the most important item you can buy, I felt that we should probably spend more. It turned out to be really great and I’m amazed how comfortable it is and has been for the last 3 years. Not sure how it will do for longevity, but it certainly is easier to move.

The IKEA bed frame on the other hand is a cheap piece of faux wood veneer furniture that will need to be replaced and, while it survived a disassembly and move, is a little bit loose around headboard now.

Motherfucking McRoskey Airflex Mattresses for the EPIC WIN. I bought one in 2001 and MY GOD am I ever glad. My wife loved it the first time she joined me on it (for sleep, that is!). It might last another five or ten years. The big problem is what will we do if we need to replace it, now that we don’t live in San Francisco anymore…

Also, look at their multicultural customer base!

I had an IKEA bed frame out of college and every night was like The Night the Bed Fell. The mattress didn’t hold up too well either.

Another vote for the TempurPedic, though it’s definitely a personal taste kind of thing - love it or hate it. I have trouble sleeping on traditional beds now.

Great thing about the TempurPedic is that it absorbs most of the movements of the other person, so you don’t get woken up as you’re dozing off if your partner shifts position.