Buying a PSP

OK, so I’m going on a trip and I left my DS somewhere that I can’t get to before my trip (tomorrow). I’m thinking about stopping by a Wal-Mart to pick up a PSP. I don’t have one and will eventually get one anyway. This seems like a good time. Since I will be boarding a plane immediately thereafter what do I need to get? Does it come with a battery and/or a charger? Is there anything else I should purchase? I’ll be staying at a bed and breakfast, so I’ll have outlets, if necessary.

I’d say buy one that you can haxors but its too late for that at this point.

The standard bundle comes with a crappy memory stick (32mb, good for saves), battery and charger. I’ve heard that in the USA the Daxter pack is a good value, since it comes with the game and a 1Gbps stick thrown in.

Get a hard shell case if you can.

Daxter pack will be all you need, and will come with the newer slimline PSP and a charger and headphones iirc.

Also pick up Puzzle Quest if you haven’t already got the DS version and a few choice RPGs and you’ll have a great little time killer for your trip.

Thanks. I take it the Daxter pack is widely available? I don’t have time to order online, so Wal-Mart is my most likely spot. It’s between here and the airport. I already have Puzzle Quest, but I hear Jeanne D’arc is good, and I wouldn’t mind replaying FFT.

I’d get Disgaea and the strat guide for great justice.

Welcome Robert :)

The PSP is pretty darn nice. Glad I bought mine (Daxter pack).

I got my PSP pack at Wal Mart a month ago on basically zero notice when my original release PSP broke after years of hard use so I can’t imagine you’ll have a problem. It’s a high ticket item so they might have it behind glass and you’ll have to flag down an underpaid Wal-Droid to get it for you. Ditto for games.

Jeanna D’arc is good, FFT is good (they added new jobs for the PSP version!), Disgaea is good. There are some top notch CCGs if you are into that kind of thing, I recommend the Marvel or Warhammer one but Wal Mart might not have those in stock since they are hardly new releases by this point in time.

I already have Disgaea (PS2), but all those others sound great too. The CCGs are intriguing. I’m sure there are 20 threads around I could search for good games to buy, though ;).

I just wanted to make sure I didn’t get screwed by ending up in some foreign town with a PSP that I couldn’t actually play!

It’s a great machine now. Get CRUSH if you like puzzlers at all. Mnster hunter if you like MMOs at all, it’s that kind of game.

psx/tg16 emulation is worth getting into if you ever get a chance to hack it.

I got the Daxter pack last weekend. It came with a 1 gig stick, a UMD with five Family Guy episodes on it, the battery, charger, and game, but no headphones. It’s a good deal, I guess; I was tired of my dead-pixeled original model PSP. I’m just waiting for the FFVII game.

stop by the demo store tonight and get some demos if you have a way to get stuff onto a pro duo memory card.

lumines ii, warhammer squad command(like xcom tactical lite) are some of my favorites. and Namaikida (for a hero, you’re pretty impudent)

I’ve only had a PSP about a month, but I’m pretty smitten with it. Jeanne D’Arc is incredible, my favorite SRPG since Fire Emblem, and the Warriors is a fun little brawler. I’ve been pretty impressed with Vice City Stories, although (as with any 3D game I’ve played on the PSP) the ghosting takes a while to get used to.

Do yourself a favor, though: hack it. Once you do that, it goes from a solid piece of hardware with some good games on it to the ultimate portable emulation platform. Plus, you can play X-Com and Cave Story!

Beware thread hijacking!

I will most likely be in the US end of March and considering the strong Euro I might buy a PSP there.
I’m not too familiar with the PSP I have to admit especially concerning modding.
As far as I understand the Slim Line PSP cannot be modded (yet).
However I’m not sure I need a modded one for my purposes.
Mainly I would like to watch tv shows on it and movies in various formats (divx, mpg, avi) to kill time while communting.
I’m not interested in pirating games.
Do I need a modded PSP for that or does it play some video formats out of the box?

Also is there a region code or can I play games bought worldwide on a US PSP?

Last question: Are there still old ones (that can be modded) sold or did they disappear already?

Thank you and sorry for the hijack.

Games are region free. And the Slim PSP can be modded, however, it needs to be done through a special battery called a Pandora’s Battery. Unfortunately, if you want to watch anything besides MP4 videos on a PSP, you have to hack it, but you can always convert if you don’t want to bother with that.

Even a hacked PSP has limited ways of watching video. I have a homebrew video player that does a bunch of codecs but it still requires that the vids be in an acceptable resolution. If anyone has any success with getting the PSP to play anything I’d love to know.

Yes it can.

Get a screen protector ASAP, as the PSP screen is very easily scratched.

At the least, be very, very careful with what you wipe it with.

Glad to see this thread, was thinking of taking the plunge as well. Had a DS but never really got into the games. The PSP seems to have a good selection of RPGs. Even want to go way back with some Final Fantasy action. Plus, I just saw that Pirates is on the PSP. Is the Daxter pack really the best option? I’d love a 2 gig stick, but I imagine I’ll end up with multiple sticks at some point (I assume some of the carrying cases have space for multiple sticks).

Any RPG recommendations? Disgea gets high praise, as has Jeanne D’Arc. I want Final Fantasy 1 and 2 for nostalgia.

Actually, the unhacked PSP supports both MP4 and AVC as of some firmware update or other (already included on the slim.) and I haven’t been able to find a homebrew solution that reliably does any more common formats, so a PC-end conversion program, a decent-sized memory card, and that regular-to-mini-USB cable should see you right without any hacking.

Although I still recommend it on general principles.