Buying Concert Tickets

I’m going to be attempting to purchase pre-sale tickets online for The Police reunion tour today at noon. I’m wondering if anyone here has any good tips or tricks for getting the best possible seats.

Some things that I’ve done:

  1. Presigned up at Ticketmaster with all my info so I won’t have to enter credit card or address when the time comes.
  2. Make sure that I’m logged in.

Somethings the I’m considering doing:

  1. Opening up multiple browser tabs and refreshing them all regularly in an attempt to break through the inevitable server paralysis that will happen around the ticket sale time.
  2. Installing a Firefox plug in like Check4Change that does this automatically and setting the refresh rate to the lowest possible setting.

Any advice on buying tickets online, or off, in the most effective way possible is appreciated. I also ask for offline, because if this pre-sale only nets me crummy seats, I’ll be moving on to other avenues (potentially including scalpers or lining up). Your war stories of your nuttiest concert ticket purchase are also interesting, if you care to share.

I used to work for a company owned by Ticketmaster. The “insider” perk was that we got to buy tickets before general sales.

But the seats, at least at our local venues, were the worst in the house. Literally the last 2 rows.
And we had to pay in advance, in cash. No checks.
And we still had to pay all the regular bastard fees.
Plus a BONUS bastard fee for the special transaction.

People did buy for sure sellouts, but for the most part you’d hit “Are you fucking kidding me?” at some point during the above explanation and forget it.

So, fuck Ticketmaster.