Buying for the sake of having

Do any of you buy games just to complete your collection? Like getting Jak III because you already have I and II?

Not unless I liked I and II.

I bought Tony Hawk 2 and 3 for the XBox to “complete the set”, although I didn’t care for them. I may try re-playing them though, my perception of the whole game early on was colored by my disdain for the TH1 controls on the DC, which had an otherwise awesome controller.

If you buy the games in a series you dislike you are crazy.

I don’t quite do that, but I have been known to buy Sequel 1 and 2 when I’ve only played half of the original game because I think I’ll get around to them eventually and I can get somewhat paranoid about games disappearing. (Or because someone has a 2 for $30 on GH games and I definitely want one and figure it’s worth the extra outlay up front to have the other which I’ll probably want eventually.)

I’ve so far migrated from buying games for $50 to buying games for $25 to buying games for $15 to not really buying games any longer because this built my games backlog far, far quicker than I could actually play them.

I will eventually play through all three Sly Cooper though. I liked the 78% of Sly 1 I played, as well as the first 15% of Sly 2 that I played when I was near a PS2 but not near my copy of Sly 1.

Unless of course something new comes out that distracts me again.

Never. I don’t even buy expansions for a core game until I’ve read very positive comments about it.

If I could show the same discipline with books, I would have stopped the Wheel of Time series a lot sooner.

Books I have a problem with, but games I’m able to show a bit more restraint. Probably comes from the price of games vs. the cost of getting a book.

No, I always get rid of my games after playing them…just toss em away…Books, I buy 2-4 a month, never toss em.

You toss your games away? For shame! You should trade them in for new or unplayed used games. :)

Hah! I have more discipline with books; I quit WoT after book 4, I think.

I don’t buy sequels to series I don’t like, but I do buy more games than I can get around to playing. Which is dumb, because by the time I play them, they are cheaper.

I’m getting better about that, though. Slowly. And I do buy used games.

I bought the Kings Quest collection and the Space Quest collection just because they were some of my favorite games as a teenager and some of the games are on 5.25" disks…it was basically just a way to update the media at an exorbitant price :P

I did for a few of the later EQ expansions. The raiding at that point was way beyond my level, but I got them anyways for that ‘just-in-case’ factor, even though I wound up doing little in them.

Not in general, though. If it’s a long-running series that I’ve been enjoying, I’ll usually buy the next installment regardless of reviews or word-of-mouth, just in case I can still find something worthwhile in it, but I won’t go any further if I wind up disappointed. I can only really recall applying this to Ultima IX and M&M IX though, where it was moot anyway.

I used to… that’s how I ended up with Gran Turismo 1, 2, and 3 about the same time. Then I realized 1 and 2 were worthless and 3 wasn’t too much better. I still have the urge but I fight it better.

Not game-related but I’m sitting here right now with Atlas Games’ entire 5th edition for Ars Magica in my Amazon shopping cart. Over $300 worth of books. Why? Just for the sake of ownership since the game system has always appealed to me.

For some reason I do this for action games, I own all three Jak games even though I’ve only played 20 minutes of the first one.

I don’t do this for RPGs though, I’m missing two suikodens, several final fantasies and a grandia. When the reviews suck I run the other way on RPGs.

The reason probably is because I’m more in tune to the reviews and message boards since I like JRPGs a whole lot and I’d hate to have a great series ruined by a suckful game.

I have a personal rule that I’m not allowed to buy the sequel until I’ve finished the original. Kept me from buying KOTOR 2, X-Men Legends 2, Ultimate Spider-Man, Battlefield 2142, etc.

But then I turn around and buy games that I think I might like if I have the time to play them. So my shelf is full of Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter, Final Fantasy X (but not X-2!), Disgaea, La Pucelle, Wild Arms, Dark Cloud 2, the GC Fire Emblem, Chibi Robo, Battalion Wars, Shadow Hearts Covenant, Arc the Lad, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War, I could go on.

How do you “finish” the other Battlefield games?

Hitman: Contracts. Luckily IO turned it around with Blood Money. I waited for the reviews on that one, and when I finally got it, I thought it was the best of the series (and better than the reviews I read gave it credit for).

Metal gear Portable Ops most recently. I adored MGS3 and so I had to have this pseudo sequel. Can’t stand playing it, but I also can’t give it up to the store/Ebay either…:/

That brings up a good point. I don’t have a PSP, and probably wouldn’t play this type of game on a portable system. But I gotta watch those cinematics, since the story is a big chunk of what happens after Snake Eater. If they release MPO for PS2, I’d definately buy.