Buying games from Amazon

I was just about to pre-order NWN2 and BC from them. Then I got to the shipping options.

Do I need pick overnight to get it the same day it is released aka the day I could go down to EB and pick it up instead? If not, what shipping option will get it to me on the same day as I could have picked it up at EB?

Also Amazon has a november 22nd date for BC while EB has the 28th. Could amazon be getting it early?

Overnight is your best bet, but I don’t think any shipping option is going to guarantee you get it the same day as release. You might, you might not.

Amazon is really bad about having the wrong release date info from my experience, so I’d assume they just have the date wrong.

Hmm, then I guess I will not buy from them. I do not want to support EB, but they seem to be the most reliable bet of getting my hands on a game the day it is released.

I try to support gogamer, but half the time they do not have the titles I am looking for.

How important is that, really? Even the times I do get a game on release, I don’t play it for like a week or two. I still have PMD:BRT in shrinkwrap…

I do two-day shipping on CD and DVD preorders, and those arrive to me on the day said item comes out. Tthen again, I live close to one of their main warehouses, so two day shipping is usually overnite depending on when they process the order, but at the very least, overnite shipping should work).

Also, this is assuming the product comes directly from Amazon, and not from a third-party store that is partnered with Amazon.

I have no life, so… it is pretty important.

You actually play the games immediately, the same day?! Damn, that’s dedication. What if you haven’t finished the last 3 you bought on release day?

I dearly love but they’ve let me down before when I needed a game on the day of release (MMOs are usually like that as folks are depending on me to show up from day one to help organize things).

Amazon almost never gets PC games on time. Check out any game that’s about to be released or has just been released, and it will say “Ships within 1-2 weeks”.

What’s BC, btw?

WoW expansion.

Oh, Burning Crusade. Would it kill people to spell out an acronym the first time they use it in a thread?

Games I am interested in enough to pre-order do not come out that often. If I have not finished a game in a few months, It is unlikely Ill do so.

The last game I pre-ordered was WoW, although the last game I picked up on release day was RoL.

For the record, I had ordered 2 copies of WC:BC collector’s ed. through Amazon, but recently received an email cancelling one of them and reducing it to 1 copy.

When I wrote to complain, saying that’s pretty unfair, I was sent back an email telling me they’re a retailer not a wholesaler. (As if buying 2 copies of an MMO for a household somehow means I’m calling them a wholesaler?)

A phone call to them today simply got a woman saying over and over again that there was nothing she could do. Sure, they could have done something. They could have easily reinstated the order.

The issue, of course, is that it’s impossible to find anyplace offering pre-order on the collector’s edition now. (Please correct me if you know of a place.) We could have easily ordered our second copy elsewhere when we placed our order, but had no idea they were going to cancel our order after preorders sold out everywhere.

So that’s the last time I pre-order anything through Amazon. Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to vent and give due warning to others…

I read somewhere that Best Buy was taking preorders for BC. BTW, Amazon did the same thing to me, I had two of them preordered as well.

I love Amazon dearly, but they aren’t the place to go if you want games on the day of release, or even in the first week.

Which Amazon?

Not sure I follow the question. Are there multiple Amazons?

I believe this was a take on the “Hay, E5, which EB?” thread.

I have scored many good deals on Amazon, especially when you consider the free shipping. I’ve never had a customer service issue.

But I’ve heard from friends that Amazon is typically behind BB and EB on getting new releases out.

Yeah, it’s not a customer service issue at all. Seems related to their supplier for gaming. Unlike books, CDs, and DVDs, Amazon typically doesn’t get titles in on or before release day so even with next day shipping, you might have to wait for up to two weeks before getting a game from them.