Buying games online

Hi everyone.

Just wondering if someone could help me with this. I live in South Africa where it can be difficult to find certain PC-gaming titles. This forces me to order stuff online, but ordering software from one of the big sites like Gamestop is prohibitively expensive because of the shipping rates to South Africa (about $60.00 for software).

Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative?


Outside of having friends buy them games locally and ship them to you, is there an or something similiar for the African continent?

Situations like yours are a good reason for being able to download purchased software instead of having to wait for it to be shipped out (Savage, Planetside, etc).

Please post here if you do find an alternative.

If you have broadband Internet access and a credit card, you might look around for downloadable games. There are some here:, and I’m sure there are others. And there’s Steam (, which it looks like Valve will use to digitally distribute their games. The idea is that you download the game and then pay for a key that unlocks the whole thing. Not the best selection, but there are a few good ones to be found.

It would be .za for Zouth Africa if there were one, which there isn’t. .sa is Saudi Arabia. Amazon stores are com/uk/ca/jp/de/fr/at. Don’t ask me why they have an Austria store.

This is odd. (Netherlands) goes to the UK site and has the home page in Dutch, but as Larry says, there’s no,,, or

So the Dutch, despite being one of the countries with the highest percent of English speakers, get their own homepage in Dutch. How odd.

Just before the dot-com crash Amazon had some advanced plans on opening a Dutch Amazon branch, and when the internet exploded these plans were abandoned. is probably just a leftover from this. It’s cheaper to order from anyway.