Buying Space Rangers 2

Is this game available in stores yet, or would I need to buy it online?

Does anyone know if I should wait for the upcoming egames/cinemaware release, or just buy the version that exists now?

And what’s the going price? Anyone know if it will get cheaper (or more expensive) when released by the new publisher?

I really don’t know much about it, other than everyone loves it and I assume I will too…

You will like it. And as a gamer/game-maker, you need to play it. Just because. It’s not in stores (to my less-than-infinite-knowledge). I got mine on Not sure where else it is available.

Yes, get it at Gogamer. It is a fantastic game. And get a notepad dedicated just for the missions. ;)

Being released in NA soon, might want to wait on that:

If you have a Fry’s up there they should have copies for sale.

Anyone know if there’ll be any differences between this and the current version? Change in price?

Thnx for answers, guys.

I’d guess the import will stay cheaper since it is old and sold at gogamer, which has good prices.

SR2 has Starforce? No longer interested.

sure does and I have a dead dvd drive as soon as I uninstalled SR2 and sf. x3 also w/ SF hasnt hurt me at all though.

SR 2 was worth the drive. Just sayin’.

If you won’t buy it for practical reasons, I’m sure you can get around the starforce after you buy it.

If you won’t buy it on principle, you should send them a letter saying why you won’t buy their game. It’s not a protest if they don’t hear you.

If you have a 2nd machine handy just install SR2 on that and then copy the game folder over to your main gaming machine. Go grab a no CD/DVD crack and you’re set.

Just play Space Rangers 1…no Starforce…I’ve been playing it for the past month and having a blast.

Anyone know if the N.A. version will also be DVD only?

I thought SF was the one where the nocd crack is as big as the ISO image.

I just checked the starforce list , I can’t believe that freedom force 2 had it.
What’s funny is that 2 months ago the drive that I had it installed on died mysterously.

Dumb question but do downloaded versions of those games have starforce on them? Or is it just on the dvd or cd rom?

That’s a shame as SR2 is excellent.

IGN seems to think so.

Freedom Force 2 did not have Starforce, I’m 90% sure. At least the version I played, which I bought from Irrational’s online store. Maybe there was some other version?

Well I got mine from eb a while back, haven’t had the game for awhile now, but I saw it on the starforce list.

Boo. HoMM 5 is on that list. No reason to hold back then because I will be buying that one. Anyone got a link on how to get around Starforce? I’ll buy those two games even though I may sacrifice my drive.