Buying Space Rangers 2

Anyone got a link on how to get around Starforce?

If you have a second machine handy just do what I wrote above. I did that for Silent Hunter III and SR2 and now I can play those games w/o having the Starforce virus on my main gaming machine. Other than that the only alternative I think is warez.

I’m confused. There seems to be two games, Space Rangers and Space Rangers 2: Dominators. Are they the same, just renamed?
The game on this page: is that the one you’re raving about? Published by Excalibur? Because they just call it Space Rangers.

I was confused too, but if it’s on a DVD it’s Space Rangers 2. SR1 was only released in Russia and France (I think), and for some reason the English publishers thought it best not to confuse the public with a sequel to a game they never heard of anyway.

Actually, what you get from GoGamer (and the upcoming NA release) contains both games. There was no US release of SR1, so that isn’t available separately.

I haven’t installed/played SR1, but my limited time so far tells me it is a really well done game.


That would be bad enough if there were proof, but that isn’t my issue with it. My issue is that my computer is mine to do with as I please, and nobody has the right to install software on it that restricts what I can do outside of the app that they have immediate IP rights to.

CD-checks are acceptable, though annoying. Software that tries to prevent me from running other software that might possibly be used in piracy can go straight to hell. Warez is the correct answer in that situation; people who employ such tactics need to not be rewarded for them.

I don’t disagree with the sentiment, but all too often that is the lame excuse of the pirate … hey, they used painful copy protection, they deserve it … they asked for it.

I think it is like the Sony rootkit thing - if you don’t like the practice, use positive action by not buying, not negative action by stealing.

Didn’t your mama ever tell you two wrongs don’t make a right ;)


I haven’t warezed it, and right now don’t plan on going looking for it. If a warez copy dropped into my lap, I wouldn’t say no; entertainment is entertainment. Either way they don’t get my money.

No proof at all, but I feel it killed that 3 month old dvd writer. Thats enough for me. Though I still buy SF games.

Funny thing- last time I looked for a crack for a SF game (x3) I found that they arent cracked as much anymore since pirates can just run the ISOs now with no cracking at all. SF games = no waiting for a crack or anything, they can just download and play. Daemons tools 4 + some funky ide channel hider or something, or a weird SATA setup. One person mentioned buying a pci ata controller card for 10$ made all SF protected games run fine from mounted images. Kinda silly eh? the most invasive protection that was once ‘uncrackable-ish’ is now totally useless, except as an annoyance and possible hazard to legal users.

That’s the way it always is with antipiracy schemes. All the stupid crap they do on audio CDs has never, to my knowledge, so much as delayed the release of an album on the P2P networks. Meanwhile they wreak havoc on legitimate users, from albums that simply don’t play on up to the Sony rootkit. It’s sadly ironic that the publishers have pissed in their own pool so much that you’re actually better off warezing everything, even if you also buy a legit copy.

I have no problems with Starforce, which has been on my newest computer since I installed SR2 (3 months or so?).

Yeah, I have to say, I certainly don’t like the idea of what starforce does, but if it doesn’t have any practical effect on me, I’m not too sure I really care.

I don’t pirate, use warez, or anything of the sort, so if any effects of starforce are limited to interfering with that, it seems like I’d be fine.

What would certainly piss me off, however, is if I found my ability to do anything else impaired. Right now, my work machine is my gaming machine, and woe be to anyone who messes with my work machine, or my ability to play games for that matter.

I guess on one hand, I don’t see how use of Starforce can be so prevelant if it’s so malicious. It seems like publishers (as big as ubisoft?) would only accept liability for using it if it were perfectly safe and benign for non-pirate users.

err… maybe I should start a new thread for this topic, because I imagine I might be stirring up a hornet’s nest.

I don’t pirate, use warez, or anything of the sort, so if any effects of starforce are limited to interfering with that, it seems like I’d be fine.

The hilarious catch-22 is that people who do pirate are unaffected, because they pirated the game and therefor don’t get Starforce. It only negatively impacts legitimate customers.

No problems with Starforce here, even though I was staucnhly anti-SF for a long time. And claiming Staforce killed your CD/DVD drive is slightly lame. That’s like claiming a toad gave you warts.

I only had a problem with StarForce when I tried to install on a laptop with no build-in drive. I had Daemon tools so I could just CD-copy my disks for Baldur’s Gate, PlaneScape: Torment, etc. It complained wildly …

… they’re so cute when they’re young and naive ;)


Honestily I rather not trust it, better safe then sorry in my book. There are enough possible problems with hardware and software that can happen that I don’t want to chance destroying anything because of one game.

I was with you right up until the end there.

Is there an actual nocd crack for SR2? One of the things that annoyed me with Civ IV is that because the warezers are now all using Daemon Tools, the cracking groups don’t create an actual crack any more so those of us who buy legit copies have to either put the CD in the drive or run Daemon Tools and sd4hider, loading up a disc image which, while small to download, bloats up to over a gig on your drive. What a pain in the ass. The warez scene has really dropped the ball in my opinion.

Yeah there’s a no DVD crack for SR2. The usual suspects should have it.

BTW, ran across an answer to my own question about price on the new version:

I think that GoGamer is selling the current version for $40, so it sounds like there will in fact be a price drop on the NA version when it comes out.

GoGamer won’t ship to Canada, but I got the game from here:

The shipping time was longer than usual, but it arrived and is bloody fun!

Yeah, because you are not only entitled to free games, but to free games the way you want them delivered.

Oh, just one more thing: