Buying the download version of Windows 7

Hey all,

I’ve currently got Windows 7 on my computer at the moment, and I want to put it on my wife’s PC. Given that I’ve already got the DVDs all I really want is a license.

The interesting thing I’ve noticed is a massive price difference between the US store and the Australian one. On the Australian site the Upgrade version is $199.00au ( $180us ). However, if I jump over to the US Store that very same version is $119.00us ( $132au ).

The question I’ve got is, if I buy the version of the US site am I going to face any major dramas? How does the license work? ie: Do they email me a serial key that I could just type in?

no, there should be no drama. just save your key and there are some official digital river mirror sites that you can just sneak the iso directly (assuming you’re getting home premium) from–you can then burn/save the iso (i recommend making a usb copy using the tool at:

(if you want to make a 64-bit copy of the tool usable, you also need the bootsect.exe extracted from the 32-bit bit version of the iso…in one of the subfolders i think, and drop it in the folder where the iso-tool installs itself…otherwise you’ll get an unbootable error when you prep the usb stick)

Okay, I’ve just had a stab at this ( 60 hour work weeks = awesome ) and despite getting the download version it asks for a postal address…in America.
I’m not getting a back up DVD or anything else. So do I make one up or am I just going to have to use Bill Dungsroman’s ( I sent him a box of bees once… ).