Buying Tires Online

Was consindering getting some replacement tires online and having someone install them around here and was wondering if anyone has done this. It seems that is a pretty decent recommended site, but would like other opinions.

— Alan

I checked for tires on my XTerra on tirerack. The ones they recommended, Sears offered at exactly the same price, and the guy that worked there recommended them as well. YMMV, but chances are, Sears will at the very least put them on for you. I’d compare prices, though - you could get the same tires with Sears’ warranty if you buy them from there.

I bought my tires through Tirerack… did a thread on them also, so if you search the old board you’ll find em.

Tirerack. If you have an NTB (national tire and battery) nearby, they’ll mount and balance them for you for a reasonable fee.

If you don’t have room to transport the tires from your doorstep to the service center, you might want to think about getting them shipped directly to the service center instead. Or gimme a buzz, you can stick’em in the back of my light SUV and I can follow you there.

My problem was that neither Discount Tire nor NTB nor Walmart stocked the tire I wanted in the size that I needed. So Tirerack was a good option. It took 5 days for delivery.

I have an Element so I have enough room when I up up the rear seats, but thanks, I appreciate it. Will probably not be for another month or two but good to know folks have experience and the ratings are nice.

— Alan

One more vote for Tirerack. I got my mom tires through them; they came in like 2 days. It was great.

I got my latest tires from Discount Tire. I got a price off TireRack ($98 per) and called Discount Tire. They beat the price, ($94 per, I think) and installation was cheap, plus free rotations every 5K miles. Score.

I’ve bought tires online from tirerack, and was very happy with the experience. I got them delivered to my office, and drove them to an installer, but you can also have them drop-shipped directly to a tire place. In retrospect, I should have got them drop-shipped, its less hassle, and your car won’t stink of tire for a week afterwards :)

Tirerack can have really awesome prices, or be beaten by places like sears and costco, but obviously it depends on the tires, how popular they are, and who is having a sale that day. The tires I bought were on sale at tirerack, and not available at any B&M tire stores without them ordering for me ($$$), so it was a deal.

I’ve also bought a set of winter wheels (wheel & tire already fitted) online from a specialist place, and that worked out great too. ;

I’ve found if you can get a quote from some place on line, almost any local place will match it. That’s what I did for my car.

I went with Tirerack, too. Got kind of a big, weird size and couldn’t find anything to fit locally without going through all sorts of hassles with special orders and huge expense. Ended up buying these fantastic grand touring Kumhos for something like $60 a tire (waited for a sale) that absolutely kick the shit out of the $275/each Michelins that they replaced. Also, best snow/rain tires I’ve ever owned.