Buying Used Parts - Price Question

Hey guys, question. My current PC has a CPU, Mobo and RAM that’s over six years old at this point (the video card is a bit newer, an ATI 5850). I have a friend, however, that’s willing to sell me some parts that I could plug into my case as an interim upgrade whilst I save for a bigger one. Here are the parts he’s selling, all assembled in one unit:

Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem Quad-Core 2.66ghz
Cooler Master V8
OCZ High Performance Triple Channel DDR3 3x2gig
EVGA GeForceGTX 295

That being said, I’m having trouble finding a good value for these parts, as prices vary, so I figured I’d ask the experts here. What do y’all think would be a fair price for the above components, used? :)


FYI. I’ve measured my case, and it looks like the CPU cooler will fit in it okay, I’m also running a Corsair 650W power supply, which should be sufficient for the above plus two SCSI HDs and one CD writer.

I’d just price it out with whatever the going used price is on Amazon. I’m sure you can find it cheaper elsewhere, but by using Amazon you can make sure your friend won’t think you’re working him over and you won’t feel like he was ripping you off.

From my gathering:
Intel Core i7 920: $168 used
Cooler Master V8: $38 used
OCZ High Performance Triple Channel 3x2: not on Amazon, but you can get Corsair for $30 used
EVGA GeForceGTX 295: $230 used

Total: $466

$230 seems high for that videocard. DDR3 is super cheap. I wouldn’t pay more than about $25 for 6gb. For going rates usually at a few eBay auctions for similar items to my watch list so I can see where the bidding ends. More accurate than Amazon where people set their own prices and stuff may never sell.

I’m not going to track eBay auctions or anything but I’ll look at similar new items really quick. Here’s a good link for a system which I feel would perform almost the same as those used parts, but it’d be new - - whole new system ~$573.92

You are just buying a CPU, cooler, 6gb ram, and a video card. On top of that they are all used. Most of my PC components last a damn long time but some of them do randomly die from time to time and how much they’ve been used seems to be the main factor. If you add up those prices from the link above just for those parts it’s ~$290 for new items of somewhat comparable speed. Main outlier would be his GPU is a lot faster but also it probably uses a lot more power too which will cost you month to month. comparing CPU in link vs your friends almost exactly the same speeds

BTW, are you getting a motherboard with this or is that sometihng you need to buy separate?

Personally I don’t think I’d buy them because newer stuff with the same speed will only be a few hundred bucks, will come with warranties and be new (which has some added features, and less power usage). If you really are set on buying however I personally wouldn’t pay more than $150 which is about half the cost of similar performing items new.

You guys do know that the GTX 295 ranks up there with the GTX 480/570 and ATI’s 7850, right? Just because it starts with a 2 doesn’t mean it’s lower or middle rung. Still, do what feels is right.

So is asking $150 too little?

It entirely depends on your friend and you - is he just wanting to get a nominal amount for the equipment to grab a few games with, or is he planning on using it to reinvest in his new system? If it’s the former, I’d maybe throw a more round number out there like $200. If it’s the latter, I would expect he would balk at such a low number and maybe be looking for something higher.

Another consideration is your friendship - can it withstand a back and forth round of haggling, and would a low offer be considered insulting or not?

He’s already upgraded his stuff, so he’s just looking to unload it. I think I’ll start with $150 and, if he does $200, take it at that. My 650W PSU should be able to handle it all, methinks.

Yeah, your PSU should be fine assuming you’ve got the rails for it and any 650W from a respectable company should.

I’m really not so sure it does but the 295 probably is less likely to choke hard on higher settings. Most hardware review sites suck so finding any way to compare hardware is tough unless it’s the last generation or two. I couldn’t quickly find a 7770 vs 295 benchmark. I did find these quick -

You can see the 7770 gets 41fps at Crysis Warhead 1680*1050 4x AA while the 295 gets 53fps without AA at same settings and resolution. The systems used are different but I really don’t think the 295 blows the 7770 out of the water. The 7770 probably also uses 1/3 to 1/2 of the 295’s power.

I don’t consider $150 low or insulting personally. I consider that fair, it’s a weird mix of old parts. If it was a full system it’d be worth more. You also have to consider what happens if one of the parts does die within a reasonable period of time? Depends on your friendship and money situation, etc. I’d just buy new stuff at this price and performance level since they are fairly close together price wise.

I’m not at that point yet, financially, but I want to do something so I can still play games for a little while longer while I save for a full upgrade.

According to this chart from Anandtech:
ATI 7770 gets you 20.7 FPS in Crysis: Warhead - 1920x1200 - Frost Bench - Enthusiast Quality + 4xAA

According to this other chart from Anandtech:
NVidia GTX 295 gets you 43 FPS in Crysis: Warhead - 1920x1200 - Frost Bench - Gamer Quality + Enthusiast Shaders - 4xAA.

Same game, much closer settings.

Keep in mind a 295 is a dual GPU card with all the baggage that entails in terms of game support, power use and heat. I would not be confident in a used card as old as that operating at that kind of thermal environment. Not to say there is anything wrong with it, but I think it effects the value in my eyes. I’d much rather have a single GPU card with better DX11 performance characteristics that doesn’t need explicit multi-GPU support from every game. Once you’re over $200 you can buy a new 560 Ti or 7850, both of which are easy recommendations over an old 295. $150 seems more than fair.

I’m actually getting the whole kit kit for $100. Given your concerns, should I retain use of my current 5850, or try the 295? My case has six fans to help with heat.

Since the card is from EVGA it’s got the lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about not getting as good of a warranty as a new card (as long as your friend lives fairly close).

For a rough comparison of the cards:

The 295 is generally faster than a 5850:

I’d sell both, though, and buy something new. Should get you close to a Radeon 7950 or Geforce 660 Ti.

Ah, well if lowest price is your concern then used is hard to beat for the short term. I think a $100 is a good deal.

Sure, like I said you can choke the 7770 at certain settings while the 295 won’t. I think with reasonable settings these cards will perform fairly close. The charts you picked aren’t ideal either. The 285 is on both charts, and on one chart it gets 20fps, and the other 30fps. It gets 10fps more from the 295 graph so while the settings seem nearly the same the difference between them is actually large. Since the 285 performs the same as the 7770 on it’s chart, if you carry that over, then the difference is actually about 30fps vs 40fps which is a lot closer. In theory anyhow. ;-) I do really like the new bench compare on Anandtech but for whatever reason if your hardware isn’t on the list you are usually shit out of luck.

Nice pickup! But yeah, Brad is right that getting a 660 would be great.

pg - I guess our definitions of “reasonable settings” would be the difference. I expect to run things at 1920 x 1200 (well, on my monitor - my kid has a 16x9), so any charts under that won’t get my attention.

Eventually, right now I just want to plug it all in and make sure it works. :) I’m excited about this, hopefully I’ll be able to play Skyrim on the thing now, for example. :)

Thanks for the help and advice, guys!

For sure, I often don’t run things at 19201200 even if that’s my monitor’s default resolution. I’d rather play a game at 1280800 at 200fps in anything that’s twitchy even if I can run it at 1920*1200 at 60fps. I also don’t ever use AA because if my screen is moving around at a high resolution I can’t tell if it’s on anyways (I might use AA in say Civilization). Most modern games looking amazing at medium settings and often I have a hard time telling the difference between medium and high even if I toggle them back and forth. Often the performance hit associated with these higher settings can be huge for minimal visual difference. That’s where I come from when I think about game performance but maybe I’m different than most. I put function over good looks for sure.

Brian congrats on the new system, now you can keep giving us insight into all those space games.