BwahahAHAHAHAHAhahaha! *coughs* AhahahahaHAHA!


Please, please click this. You won’t regret it. This isn’t some childish trick, you WANT to hear this.


“They’re not just videogames, they’re works of art!”

“Captured in my mind, ohhhh…”

Seriously, though starts cracking up again obviously this really comes from the guy’s heart and he’s quite passionate with his fandom. (Though mispronouncing the name…what’s up with that?) And certainly, the object of his fandom is a terrific creator and guy. But…but…he sounds like he’s talking about losing his virginity!

Okay, okay, certainly the melody isn’t bad and neither is his voice.

Props to someone who is brave enough to do this! Its a pretty cool bravery. Its just quite funny, I don’t think anyone’s ever taken games that seriously yet and whether they deserves it or not, perhaps that’s the way games are heading…oh dear…

But…but…snickers uncontrollably

Nah, really, this isn’t so different than me talking about Kyosuke (some here will be familiar with that story), is it? :wink:

continues to laugh Man, I’m a jerk…


Oh my gawd…bahahahahahahaha…

When does the Qt3 band get together to record “Tom Chick?”

The sad thing is, if I was that talented, I might have done something like that already. And so would have you. And you.

You think if you had an unhealthy obsession with someone you would have learned how to pronounce their name.

this song is completely retarded. :?

I’m ready if you are. I think it should be a big bombastic 80’s hair-metal love ballad…something Aerosmithy. I’m going to play rhythm guitar and sport a beret carefully cantilevered and Aquanetted on top of my enormous triceratops bangs. In the accompanying video, Brian Koontz will prance around a red Corvette wearing nothing but a strategically-positioned cherry pie, and Derek Smart will apparate and disapparate from a cloud of theatrical fog like Ronnie James Dio.

It will totally rock.

Chick: 'chik. Got it.

I think we should aslo intercut scenes from Old School - “We’re going streakin’!”

Here’s the big question - do I wear my truckers hat, or my touque, or both?

Trucker’s hat goes better with the spandex pants.

If this had been released in 1984, it would have been HUGE.

not a bad song. lyrics kinda fruity, but i like the loopy synthesizer sound.


I heard this the other day and I think it’s pretty good. I love the “taking it too far” stuff, though. If it means a lot to the guy, I say sing your ass off, man. As if the history of rock and pop music is full of emotionally balanced people who always put things into perspective before recording them. Lots of people had shitty childhoods, but Roger Waters wrote The Wall. I still think Young Lust is pretty cringe-worthy myself, but what the hell. If you guys were in charge Paul Westerberg would have written “I Can’t Maintain a Healthy Relationship But It’s Not So Bad Because I’m Still Young And I Have A Decent Job So I Guess It’s Not The End Of The World” instead of “Unsatisfied”. Try singing that shit in four bars.

Well, me & the rest of CHYKK (you’ll remember our 1985 hit “Tom Chick” and our less-successful speed metal cover of Planet P Project’s “A Boy Who Can’t Talk”) were only able to get gigs at the San Bruno Holiday Inn Complimentary Breakfast Annex, the local VFW hall, and some kid named Allen Goldstein’s party, so singing anything in one bar - much less four - is well nigh impossible. Unless “bar” as in “mitzvah” counts as a bar.

I think we need a new manager.

Trucker’s hat goes better with the spandex pants.[/quote]
There is only one type of accepted headwear for the Tom Chick Tribute Band!

I think “Tom Chick” should be an adaptation of the old cartoon “Tom Slick” jingle – complete with animated streaking (wearing nothing but the trademark beret, of course…)

My-ay-ay-ay-ay- WHOO!
M-m-m-m-my Yamoto.

Throw “Brimful of Asher” on as the b-side and we’ve got a deal…

(OK, OK, that was terrible, I know…I had to say it though…)

I had know idea he was a Bollywood star.

Who knew that Dave Long had such a tender musical soul?