By Coincidence, Zachtronics is about to get physical!

By which I mean to say that Coincidence, the new studio formed by the people formerly behind Zachtronics (of SpaceChem and Eliza fame), is about to release a new game… and it’s a physical tactical solitaire game, and it has a deck. I guess @tomchick might enjoy this one!

Already backed it. I don’t do many crowdfunders, but it’s so cheap I figured why not.

Oooooh, very cool, @rhamorim! This is indeed right up my alley! And that’s some fine work on your subject header, if I may say so. :)

For folks who would rather not get there via Twitter, here’s the direct link to the Indie Go-go campaign:

And here’s the site for the game itself:

Hey, we have so many legendary subject headers in this very forum, that I had to at least make some kind of effort. Glad you enjoyed it. :D

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this belongs on one of my tables:

It took me forever to correctly parse this. What I initially came up with was a computer game involving a fully physically simulated pack of cards used to play solitaire (like, the card game) that somehow involved tactical combat (like, I guess, the Jack getting into a fight with the King). It goes without saying that this interpretation raised a lot of questions.

Hey, your interpretation sounds fascinating. Hint, hint! ;)

@Vesper brought this up a few weeks ago.

Just got a shipping email for this.

Me too! This sort of cracks me up. Funded in March, estimated shipping in June, shipping in June. I don’t think Zach understands how crowdfunding works.

Ha! Tell me about it! I sent a question by email. He replied within 30 minutes!!

Got a case of these coming to my store. Zach’s the best.

Got mine!

Well, my first game did not go well!

I did make a couple of obvious mistakes, but, I suspect it is hard to win this game.

Yeah, I feel like I’m going to see a lot of losses at this before finally winning. But it is a really neat game.

My second game went better, I almost won, just one bad guy left at the end. That’s all I’ve played so far.

Thanks, @JoshL ! I ordered the game after seeing this thread but didn’t remember it was its own thread :)

I got my copy yesterday, too, and it’s neat!

I thought I had great luck in the beginning but two unfortunate mortars and two flares later on tilted me. I like this game.

This moment is my favorite, when the last enemies have been placed and you have two rounds to solve the puzzle.

I did not solve the puzzle. Included the rulebook just to say that it prints nicely in two-up, duplex booklet.

Asking rules questions here as more discussion here than BGG entry - both relating to maneuver …

  1. Does the swap between places count as a maneuver for both squad members?

  2. The rule that squad member may move move diagonally between two adjacent threats per the instructions definition of adjacent should really be ‘a squad member may not move diagonally between two threats adjacent to that squad member’ right?

Yes to both. I think the examples are pretty clear. For your first question, it shows both squad members tapped after exchanging positions. You couldn’t move diagonally between two threats which are adjacent to each other because… well, um, just try it?