By how much do you think Sony should cut the price of the PS3?

So… if the CEO of Sony is talking about this with the Financial Times, it’s a certainty that price cuts for the PS3 are coming. And likely soon.

But one man’s price cut is another man’s “are you joking?”

So by how much do you think Sony will cut the price of the PS3? Will it be a price dip a la the PSP or a genuine price cut? Will we see the PS3 drop from $599 to $569? Or to $499?

At least 50%!

I see a dip… probably an attempt to match the 360. Hopefully they’ll be smart enough to not take the bait and go for the $479 elite price, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

So far these guys have done nothing that’s genuinely forward thinking. It’s all just smoke for their lame marketing tactics.

Since consoles usually don’t price this high, perhaps the price drop will be equally unusual. If Blu-ray standalones can go from $999 in December to $499 in June perhaps the PS3 can drop to $449 in early fall. It all depends on how much the BOM cost has dropped (and it has dropped) and how much Sony is willing to bleed to stay in this war.

They should drop it $200. But it’s Sony. So it will probably be dropped to a supposedly cheap price of $591.99

It will have to cost $300 or less for me to consider buying one. And the longer they take to hit that price, the less likely it becomes that anyone will care.

Cheaper then a 360 or atleast matched in price for me. Then to have games worth getting it for.

How is the Elite selling?

At any rate, my wild-ass-guess is $100 or $150 (nothing in between). I think they need $200 off, but I’m not holding my breath.

I can see some arguments Howard might make to the board, citing things like upcoming die shrinks, redesigns reducing the part count, Blu-ray cost reductions, etc – they really ought to be able to drop a lot in the price without dramatically increasing the level of loss they had per-console at launch, especially given another minor revision under their belt (which shouldn’t be that far off, IBM fab inconsistencies notwithstanding).

It needs to cost $300, but they’ll drop it to $500.

How is this not a poll? Jake Plane, you are slipping.

By shit bonerz.

At $400 I wouldn’t consider a PS3. At $300 i’d be more interested. At $350 it would be a faint possibility if more games come out that I’m interested in.

If they hope to be anything but third place this generation, they really need to drop it to $300. I doubt that they can, though, and I suspect they’ll go $500. Matching the Xbox at $400 is really still too expensive, because the Xbox hasn’t exactly burned up the charts at that price, and it’s almost certainly going to get a price drop this fall. So Sony will still be stuck with the most expensive console and still going up against the Wii juggernaut and a cheaper Xbox that will probably start picking up a lot more sales.

I pretty much agree with Matt Gallant on this one–Sony lost this generation the moment they announced that the system would be $600.

I will buy one when it hits $300. I like to say $150, but by the time it hits $300 there should be loads of exclusives titles (that arent either total crap or mediocre, to me)

PS3 is hemorraging exclusives, though, because of their low market share. They can’t afford to lower the price to 300 to get market share, and they can’t afford not to because of the loss of software sales.

Catch 22 is unfair to Sony and whatnot.

Still wouldn’t buy a PS3 at this point. At least the Wii manages to have two games I want to play on it – the PS3 has zero at this point.

I’m maintaining my vow to refrain from polling until we get some new KillZone footage… and as some of us know, it’s coming.

I don’t see it moving until it hits $399. There’s no reason to actually go lower than the Xbox 360, I don’t think. I wonder how much of a bath Sony would be taking on each unit at that price, though.

I dunno… let’s look at what they could do now that they couldn’t do at launch:

  • drop the emotion engine (~$27)
  • use lower-cost blur-ray components (~$100??)
  • die shrink on the Cell (30-40% of Cell cost, or ~$30??)
  • cost reduction on the now-replaced-by-DX10-parts graphics chip (~$60?)? or they could be locked in like MS was reported to be with the XB1…
  • hard drive cost reduction (~$20?);
  • memory cost reduction (~$20?);

The iSuppli PS3 launch cost breakdown is a bit vague and iffy on some things, but it’s here:
$59 for an I/O controller??
They only list $125 for the Blu-ray, but then they have a fairly large fudge number in “other components and manufacturing” for $148.