By how much do you think Sony should cut the price of the PS3?

Personally, as the theoretical price drops, I become more interested in it as a $XXX Blu-ray player rather than a $XXX video game console.

I guess that means Sony’s strategy is working for people like me, just now quite like they expected, in that the Blu-ray reader would make me buy one, just at far less than they probably want to price a console at.

I figure for 399 I’d prolly go out and get one tomorrow.

I’d bite at that price for sure.

I’d drop to $500 to see how well that works, in particular looking to see how Microsoft and Nintendo react. If I felt the company could afford it (i.e. having looked at Sony’s books), I’d drop another $50-100 afterwards, which I suspect would hurt greatly, but be doable.

They should time the drop(s) with really killer exclusives, otherwise the price will still be too high; is there anything coming that fits the bill? I have no idea… My gut feeling is that whichever way Sony twists it’s too late.

$399, timed with the release of a killer exclusive.

One billion dollars.

I honestly wouldn’t take one for free. There’s just no games that interest me enough to waste any time on it - Resistance is the only one I’d even consider playing, there there’s a zillion games on the PC and the 360 that I’m more interested in but don’t have the time to play.

Hell, I’ll take one for free… I might even give 10 or 20 bucks for one of these thingies…

They’re obviously going to need at least parity with the premium 360 to compete. Though at this point, I don’t know if it’s even worth the bath to compete in the phyrric next-gen war. Just accept third place without throwing too much more cash on the fire, cut price when it’s feasible and come back next time with some sort of wacky eye-toy control scheme

For myself, it will probably need to go below $200 before I’ll buy one. I already have a 360 and a Wii(probably already overkill) and I don’t care much about Sony first party or japanese RPGs. The early 360 launch really destroyed a lot more frothing technophile early-adopter demand that Sony was expecting and counting on right now, I think

one consideration, I’m not sure how much in a hurry they are to alienate the rest of their blu-ray partners.

The ps3 already is in many ways the best blu-ray player available, and probably the only one you can buy now that won’t be obsolete this fall.

if it’s too cheap, it could push their BDA fam to start making hybrid players instead of just blu-ray.

of course, thats a short sighted viewpoint b/c more ps3s = more blu-ray domination, but for a samsung/panasonic/philips looking at unsold players on the shelves and a continuing format war, it’s gotta be a consideration.

samsung’s combo player is due later this year, I don’t include lg because they never made a blu-ray only player.

of course, none of that is the question that was asked. I already bought one, even though it doesn’t have any games I really want/can’t get for 360, and the ones I’ve played I’m unimpressed by, and I don’t even own any blu-ray discs. for other people to buy one? they gotta get to at least 450 for what used to be the $600 model.

It is going to take a lot to make me buy one. I would say $299 and some indeterminate number of exclusives. They have effectively lost the two exclusives, GTA and Gran Turismo, that would have made me buy one . I realize GT5 will still come out but the Forza series combined with GT4 being a copy of 3 without the promised online support killed my interest in the franchise. So that leaves them with MGS4 (don’t care) and FF13 (don’t care). It is down to God of War 3 maybe? But honestly I skipped GoW2 because of a lack of PS2 (thought I would have a PS3 at launch so I gave mine away). The hardware BC was kind of a draw but I can drop $129 to get a slimline PS2 if I really want to play the handful of PS2 games I missed in the past year or so. However, I am so apathetic towards Sony right now I don’t even feel the need to do that.

It is pretty damning they have managed to put an early adopter like me into I don’t give a fuck mode.

I’m surprised Sony has managed to sell as many PS3s as it has, considering it’s abysmal library. Even if I got one for free I don’t see anything I’d want to play on it. Most of the people I’ve read that claim to have bought admit to it just gathering dust, and I don’t even know anyone offline who has one.

Well, you can watch Blu-ray movies on it. And I’m already on my third game, believe it or not!

What games have you played?

The excellent Resistance: Fall of Man, the outstanding Genji: Days of the Blade… and the terribly mediocre Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom.

I got the last one because I thought they’d keep the style and quality of the previous editions which were pretty good. Instead I got a lame mix of Genji and Gauntlet, apparently designed by committee and implemented by the B-Team. Anyone knows what happened there?

SOE happened.

I think it would need to be cheaper than the 360 to get back in the game… or have a mess of can’t-miss exclusives and be the same price. Neither seems likely at this point.

I am firmly convinced all three consoles are overpriced. The Wii is too expensive at 250. It should be 200 for the value offered. I purchased an Xbox 360 for 400, and feel like I got suckered. There are some good games, a great one even, but the hardware quality is decidedly subpar. For me, 400 is the minimum barrier for a PS3. It’s a solid piece of manufacturing, and if I get equivalent value to what I have extracted from the 360, I won’t be disappointed.

The Wii sales to date demonstrate that 250 is an OK price. From my point of view, there are only a couple of compelling Wii games. The 360 has the best games to date, but few of them suit my interests (RPG and TBS with an occasional MMOG).

Sony is certainly in a tough spot. Once they drop their price, the 360 camp is certainly going to do the same. And given the choice between a PS3 at $499 or an Xbox 360 Elite at $399 (or any equal math ratio), I can’t see the PS3 getting to the tipping point given its less than stellar library.