By popular demand: The oozing poison ivy blister thread

So uh, I have all these chemicals to stop the itching, but nothing to stop the oozing. I’m getting tired of dabbing at it every 10 minutes while working.

Cut it out with a kitchen knife.

Man, now I need a “which knife” poll :(

Doesn’t matter, as long as it’s big.

Cauterize it.

Put some butter on it.

Oozing blisters from poison ivy? What the hell? Is poison ivy your kryptonite or something?

Dammit, doctor is catching up.

nife2o4, duh!


See a doctor.

I got a bad all-over case of poison ivy last fall. (My wife: ‘Hey, could you rip up that nasty viney stuff under the bushes?’ Me: ‘OK.’) After oozing unpleasantly for several days, I gave in and saw a doctor, who prescribed me some oral steroids that cleared things up in less than a day.

“Less than a day” definitely gets my attention!

This thread is useless without pics.

Like it was started by Gary, this is actually one of these “glad there’s no pics”-threads.



This is actually a video camera, pardon the blurry stills. Obviously I couldn’t get the proper range while zooming in from my left hand to my right elbow.

It could be some kind of hideous mutating virus. Your best bet is probably to put on a tourniquet and chop off the infected arm with a chainsaw.

Do you know hwo messy chopping off your arm with a chainsaw would be?

I’d get a super sharp knife to cut the muscle and tendons (like a scalpel) and a small saw to cut the bone.

First time I’ve spit soda out my nose in quite some time.