Bye bye Google Play Music. Say hello to YouTube Music!


My Hub arrived just in time for me to claim the 6 free months of Youtube Premium that also comes with Youtube Music & GPM. Youtube Music seems alright, but since most of my listening is done on a desktop I don’t think I’m the target market.


I can’t wait for YouTube Global Positioning System!


I figured out something cool about Youtube music today.

You can do a search for music, and you know how Youtube itself has lots of music that these streaming music services don’t have because some random person uploaded them on there? Well, I discovered today that the Youtube Music app also lists those in the search results, even when the songs are not available on the main Youtube music lists. So for example, the Altogether’s Full US Album, with the bonus disc, is not available on Youtube Music or Spotify, but it is on Youtube. And the app lets me play all but two of the songs on that bonus disc. I’m not sure what’s up with the 2 songs. Regular youtube on a browser lets me play those two songs as well, but not the app.

Still, it’s pretty cool that you can take advantage of Youtube in this app.


Sure do wish they’d finish porting all the content and features of Google Play Music to YTM so I could switch. Cuz I ain’t losing my playlists. Or my 30k uploaded songs. Or my playcount/rating history. . .


I’ve made an effort to try Youtube Music, using it instead of my iPod in the car. It’s… fine. The offline playlist doesn’t refresh often enough, imo, and the app does a poor job of remembering where I left off - often resuming 5 or 6 songs back from the last one I heard. For 5 bucks a month I’d consider keeping it, or bundled in with the cost of YouTubeTV I’d consider picking that up as well.