Byrne/Eno & Slightly Stoopid

My wife and I had one of our biweekly dates recently (hooray for trusty babysitters!), and we decided to wander into Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood since we’d never been there. We strolled around a bit and actually went into a music store – first time I’d entered one in years. Listening stations FTW.

Picked up the new Byrne/Eno collaboration; hadn’t heard about it; kinda cool to hear David yodeling again. I’m middle-agedly OK with the gospelism.

Also picked up Slightly Stoopid’s latest album, Chronicitis. I had never heard of this band, but now I’m quite hooked. They’ve got an interesting reggae / funk / downtempo feel and some nice bass/guitar/horns grooves. Anyone else into these guys? Wish I’d heard of them earlier, they just played Seattle recently…

(And for the record, I’ve been entirely sober every time I’ve heard the album, so the pervasive 420 subculture isn’t actually why I like it ;-)

i thought you were talking about an upcoming tour or something similar and i was blown away