C&C campaign whinge

Yes, a whinge.

So I finish a campaign but I want to go back and finish collecting secondary objectives and intel. Despite encouraging this the game doesn’t have the decency to give me a post-win autosave. So I’ll never really see all the intel laid out, nor all my gold medals strewn across the map.

That’s… a touch lame. Don’t give me a system of optional wins and then prevent me from going back after I win the campaign. The auto-save prior to the final mission does not count.

End whinge.

On 360, beating the campaign on Hard only gives hard achievements too, want the ones for normal and easy? Play it two more times through…

Oh and agreed on the optional objectives, I pretty much restarted missions immediately if I failed to secure those(and some of them can be a serious pain on hard difficulty), but not being able to revisit them does kinda suck. I believe they appear regardless of difficulty medals though, so once you get them once they are there for good, but it’s been awhile.

Has a C&C game ever had a functional, friendly interface? This extends to auto loads, saves, maps etc.