C&C Generals...First touch...omg!

It’s more of the same with more fun and more fun and more fun… at least the MP is like that so far.

I’ve only played China atm, but they were incredible. I could upgrade all kinds of things, use my destruction abilities to gain in general status (like the Norse in AOM) and over all have a lot of fun.


I did not think this was released yet?

Closed beta, I think.

Hey I don’t mean to hijack… well yeah I guess I do a little bit… but did anyone play C&C Renegade? I never got a chance to check it out but I’ve only heard very little about it. I don’t want to buy it if it sucks.

Fileplanet Exclusive right now. Check out those system requirements!!!


Sweet fancy Moses.

Renegade plays just like Battlefield 1942 but with all the life, fun, thrills, and enjoyment sucked out of it until it is a bonedry corpse of a game.

Might I recommend BF1942…?

For unoptimised code of course. :-)

Just so you guys know, it’s a lie. I have a 1.7 mhz, 256 ram, geforce ti4600 and it runs fine on medium detail @ 800x600. Probably not great for their testing of the graphics systems but I’m helping play balance and load test so I figure they won’t mind…and they did mention the system requirements will be less when it comes out.

If you are a FP subscriber (I did it once, planned on quitting, but I keep getting nifty deals like this exclusive download) you can download it (440 MB). It’s a lot of fun, all 3 factions are playable and pretty damn different.

China is about power and upgrades…and nukes.

GLA is about fast and dangerous… they all kind of bad things from suicide bomber to radioactive waste and so on.

USA is about decent on the group support, but a lot of air bombing and support. At least that’s the only good thing I can see about the USA side so far.

For me, USA is boring… the other two factions are both fun to play. I just went and reserved my copy today after playing the MP Test.


Nukes are a pain in the ass in C&C. Once a player has one it is basically all over red rover. How do they balance the other sides against nukes ?

I don’t know about the GLA, but the USA has there own version of the nukes, some space to ground dealie. They are on LONG timers from what I’ve seen too. Like 10:00.

GLA has the Scud Storm, which launches like 6 missiles that carry anthrax or nerve gas or something. Has about the same area of effect as the Chinese Nuke, but looks like it’s more antipersonnel than anti-building.

Oh, as for the system requirements in the “demo,” I’m running it on a P4 1.7 256mb geforce 3 at work, runs ok at 800x600 high detail until units start moving, is playable at medium detail.