C&C Generals kicking some ass

Who would have thought that Generals would be doing so well? And what about Black Hawk Down? It’s been in the top10 for weeks and has held onto the #1 spot for quite some time.

This is the same top 10 that spent years featuring nothing but Barbie and Hunting games, yes?

There’s no accounting for taste, but this sounds like an improvement.

Your Power Pill

It’s obviously an unreliable Top 10 as there are only two Sims titles in it.

I like Generals. I was asking for a game like this a while back as most RTS have become too complex for me. So I like it that there’s only a few units, buildings, and upgrades. And I love the graphics, it’s a game where a great deal of my enjoyment comes from the graphics. We’re getting to the point where graphics can really lift up what is otherwise an average game. I want to throttle the guy who came up with that left click interface though. How many times have I told half my army to get in a Humvee by mistake… :( If someone could come up with a right click mod for the game, I’d be in heaven.