C&C: Generals - who's an expert?

I am stuck on the mission Operation: Blue Eagle. It seems the damn GLA are millionaires as they keep throwing massive hoardes at me and there’s no way I can keep up. How do I beat this mission after the bridge is blown? This is the single hardest mission I’ve ever seen? :evil:

was this an expansion mission or one of the originals? I’ve played through all of the campaigns, but the bulk of my experience is with multiplayer

Give more background to what is happening on the mission and someone can probably help.

This mission is one of the original USA missions. You set up an original base and then the GLA blows a dam seperating you from your original base. Now you have to make a whole NEW base. Problem is, the GLA keeps attacking by the thousands! I have played this mission probably 20 times and have not come close to beating it. It keeps launching a SCUD storm at me which I can never take out, not that it would really matter. Can anyone think of a strategy?

to ward off the GLA hordes, build excessive defenses. Mix Patriot missile sites with humvees loaded with flashbang-infantry. Swap those infantry out for snipers once you get general rank 3. Place UAV’s just beyond the reach of your defenses for good intel about attacks.

I recommend just sucking up the damage from a couple scud storms until you get some stuff built - space your buildings out when you can. If you have a couple ambulances scattered throughout your base, they will clean up the anthrax mess quickly so you can rebuild. Keep trying to tech up - once you can build two particle cannons, it’s only a matter of time. firing both cannons into their scud storm will destroy it. After that, you can start putting together an offensive force of tanks & artillery to systematically take them apart.

You might be able to take out the scud with just 1 particle cannon, your A-10’s and some paratroopers or jets, but at that point in the game, I think you only have level 2 A-10’s so I’m not sure.

Sounds like excellent strategy! Gonna try it out today. Thanks a ton! :D