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Mark’s right when he (repeatedly repeats) that chat is useless in sports games (unless you’re playing a friend). But what about a MMORPG? What if Live gets a MMORPG? Seems like that would be the voice chat killer ap.

For that matter, why don’t people use voice chat in EverQuest? Or do they?

I’ll give you an example. I had ICQ for awhile but uninstalled it because I didn’t like chatting all that much. So now I’m supposed to like voice chat with strangers?

I agree with you, however, most people adore instant messaging. It’s almost a generational thing. All the college students and 20-25 year olds I’ve known in the last 5 years have been positively obsessed with IM.

Hell, a bunch of my coworkers use IM all the time at work-- consistent with my generational theme, none of the managers, only the younger folks. They actually complain because I don’t use it. Because, you know, sending e-mail is so tedious.

I’m praying to god that Planetside has voice chat. I’m figuring that it probably will, since the producer of Tribes 2 is working on Sony’s new FPS MMORPG. And Tribes 2 had voice chat, it’s just not a lot of people used it.

I dunno about others, but I personally like a curtain of ignorance about the people I’m playing with on MMORPGs.

I find GameVoice a good solution… I can talk to the people I want to, and the unwashed L33T masses remain silent.

I’ve used roger wilco in a few games… seems to be okay for me. depending on the game that is.

I dont know whats the big deal hearing somebody online, oooh so revoloooshinaree.


I used to use Roger Wilco in DAoC games but only with people I knew. It really streamlines the communication. Even if only myself and a couple of others were using it in an 8 person group it still helped a lot (again only with people I know). I have also used RW for CS and RA2 and RA3. It really helps in teambased FPS games.

– Xaroc

My experience with voice-comm:

I bought Age of Mythology at a retailer here who had an exclusive promo: Buy AoM, get GameVoice free! Wow! Such a deal.

I got it home, installed it, and haven’t used it even once. :roll: The headset sits on top of my monitor. :?

One of the best uses of voicecom in the Half-life games doesn’t even need a mic. If you are camping in the shadows or moving in on your teammates from an odd direction, push the voice button to light up the voice indicator over your head. Enemies can’t see it (unlike the flashlight), but it quickly lets your team know not to shoot you.

i’m pretty sure in counter-strike you can see the enemy voice icon… it gets me killed.