C&C3: Tiberium Wars

I totally did not see this one coming. Whats it been now, seven years since Tiberian Sun? And I hear they’re bringing back Kane and FMV. It’s surprising, because I totally expected them to stick with the War at Terror theme of Generals from now on.

Now, the last Red Alert 2, I thoroughy enjoyed, but it was also the last Westwood RTS I bought. I was tired of the simple campaign missions, the absolutely atrocious netcode and matchmaking, the one-active barracks rule, and the CTD bugs that I rarely seem to experience with other games. Basically what got me to buy Red Alert 2 was my love for the first RA and the cool unit design. When I hear Kane and FMV, it brings back some good memories, but it reminds me of why I’m not going to get this. I don’t know, maybe I’m way off and someone here can tell me things totally improved in Dune or Generals…

the one-active barracks rule

IIRC in the oldskool C&C games more barracks/war factories yielded faster unit production, although it was still limited to one at a time.

When I hear Kane and FMV, it brings back some good memories

When you slog through C&C fan posts, you always hear people yearning for the old days when C&C games had FMV. “Generals SUX where’s the goddamned FMV?!” And you just wanna scream “It’s in the last fucking decade where it belongs, JACKHOLE. FUCKING EVOLVE ALREADY” but you don’t sell games for a living, and maybe you have integrity or something. EA to the rescue!

I’m looking forward to a new C&C game, but the FMV (and even HOLY SHIT KANE!!!1!) really isn’t sweetening the deal for me.

And yes, the game got way better in terms of mechanics with Generals. The secret? The designers finally admitted Blizzard got it right and yoinked the interface.

[Spoiler] Question: How the hell does Kane survive yet again? I never played the expansion to Tiberium Sun, but the GDI ending clearly showed Corporal Hicks plowing a huge hole through Kanes chest with an edged object. (anit-climatic per normal)

The Nod endings were always better.

If a man can survive a concentrated blast of explosive energy from an orbiting satellite, I assume a hunk of metal through the chest is no biggie.

Maybe I really am behind the times, but I really don’t get the hate for FMV most people seem to exhibit nowadays. I’ll admit I probably haven’t subjected myself to the worst FMVs of the 90s, but I’ve enjoyed just about all of the ones I have seen, whether they were serious or seriously cheesy.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the C&C FMVs and I absolutely loved the Red Alert 2 & Yuri’s Revenge ones; to this day, I have yet to see an introduction sequence as amusing as the interchange between Romanov and President Dugan.

The return of FMV and Kane would almost be enough for me to jump onboard if it weren’t for the fact that I swore off EA games after Battlefield 2 & Special Forces. Perhaps I’ll wait and see how the game turns out.

I actually miss decent FMV, like in Wing Commander 3 and 4 – sure, it’s not great, or on par with Hollywood standards (unless you include the Wing Commander movie in that equation, in which video game FMV is a-ok by comparison) – but it’s certainly as good as the cornball voice-acting and awful animation in so many games.

I dunno - I think it can still work pretty well

I did not like the way they changed the graphics from C&C Red Alert to the Cartoony look in Tiberian Sun/others, so I could never play that game…

Hopefully this will return to the original “feel” of the game.

I’m not saying I didn’t love CnC FMV; you’ll notice I didn’t include it with the things I disliked. Kane’s cool too. I’m just saying its still there because the CnC games don’t really change. Even if I get more FMV’s with James Earl Jones dueling lightsabers against Kane, it wouldn’t be worth all the gameplay problems I mentioned.

Go back and watch the ones they had for Tiberian Sun. I think that came out before RA2 but its what killed me on FMV and the series. I remember, I think it was Michael Bien as some colonel or something saying, “lets go kick some ass!”. Yeah, totally dude. Rock them like a hurricane man… then their was the game’s AI… etc. etc…

To this day I prfer the C&C style on Blizzards style. Blizzard’s RTA are a micro-managment hell. The automatization in WC3 helped a bit but still, you had to instantly click too much. If you won’t it could swing the entire battle.

C&C games were much more calm on this always (Well, after the rush phases of a game end). You still need some micro skills (Chrono ATVs in RA2 hunting ore trucks for example) but not as much.

That’s why I hope C&C3 will be C&C3 and not TankCraft or something.

And if that fails, Supreme Commander look promising as well.

One thing though, the 3 screens I sew look a bit depressing in the color range. I hope it’s not like that for the entire maps.


Act of War: Direct Action, which came out last year I think, had pretty decent FMV. I remember a lot of reviews mentioning it.

Also, the best part of the original C&C, besides the music and “Got a present for ya!” was choosing which famous landmark to destroy at the end of the Nod campaign.


5 years after release the FMV still stands up, in an amusingly earnest way. I’m only one mission in, but they just killed me: The Nod blew up Goddard Space Center (sic) in the second cut scene! I’d like to know where on campus they hide the missile defense command center, though. Maybe down by the big antennas.

Gameplay wise it seems similar to C&C Generals, but right-click to move and attack is a welcome update.

Agreed, I think it had a pretty strong FMV cast, it’s too bad they went low budget for Kane’s Wrath (the expansion) and full blown crazy for Red Alert 3.