C64 games on the Wii

Found this one over on Gamasutra - looks like they may be adding some of Epyx’s old games to the lineup of ancient games we old-timers can enjoy. Epyx games themselves don’t excite me terribly - but this just opens the door for more good stuff like Bruce Lee and Raid on Bungeling Bay! Now that I think, it would be awesome just not to have to wait several minutes for the game to load from the floppy.

Temple of Apshai!

I’ll buy a wii for that…

Come on Telengard!



Does this mean networked Mail Order Monsters?

On can dream. That is the game that so needs to be updated for Live.

California Games? I would stab someone with a spork for that.

EA would need to get onboard for that to happen. AND I PRAY THAT THEY DO.

Four letters:


Of course, M.U.L.E.! How could I forget that?

Fond memories to be sure, but nothing I’d want to play. I know I have the source code lying about here too. I just can’t find it right now. I remember looking at the way it generated a dungeon. It was a single formula.

Telengard was pretty much my first RPG/roguelike. That or Temple of Apshai.

Um, since I don’t plan on buying a wii I don’t have anything to add to this thread except:

C64 4EVA!!!11!!11!

Sold! Sold! Sold!

Sadly i never owned a C64 (I had an Amstrad), so i have no idea of the exclusive C64 games that were decent. I have the C64 plug-in-TV joystick, and playing Exolon/Cybernoid/Impossible Mission is fun, but the first two have been remade by Retrospec for free, and i have them in my joystick if i want to sit infront of the PC.

I wonder what the pricing is going to be for old 8-bit home computer games? I’m hoping they sign up some of the Amsoft games. Oh Mummy! would be good for a laugh.

so i have no idea of the exclusive C64 games that were decent.

I’m sure some C64 games were exclusive but probably most of the better known ones weren’t. Classics like MULE, the Ultimas, Elite, Head Over Heels, etc. etc. were multiplatform of course. I’m not sure how many of the American games (if any) were available on Amstrad/Speccy as opposed to Atari 800/Apple II, though.



C64 Epyx?

Gateway to Apshai
Impossible Mission

3 of my alltime top 10 on C64.

Some of their other popular games prolly wouldn’t age well, though.

Jumpman… mmmm.