Cabin Fever (Spoilers!)

So I saw this over the weekend with rasputin and another friend of ours. Both of them had seen it before and liked it - they talked it up as really disturbing, etc.

I thought it was just barely OK. It wasn’t that disturbing - sure the idea of a rotting disease is bad; the abortive sex scene (you know the one) was about the most disturbing thing in the movie. That and the chick flaying her leg with the razor.

But WHAT THE FUCK was it with the third act? It’s like the movie was a pretty entertaining schlocky horror flick with lots of homages up until then, then it just drove off a cliff into a lake of unmitigated suck. I mean, we have something like “creepy building tension, oh that’s gross, ew, man how’s this going to end, BOY REDNECKS SURE SUCK!”

The movie utterly just lost me with the Evil Rednecks, to the point where my first comment after the credits rolled was “boy that sure sucked.” As I thought about it more I realized I did like the movie until then - but then it just got so damned stupid that it dragged it way down for me.

Am I missing something here? Am I just not smart enough to understand the decision to go with the Evil Rednecks as the plot device for the movie’s third act (utterly abandoning the flesh eating disease, while we’re at it!).

That being said, the payoff at the end for the rifle joke was pretty excellent.


It’s one of the most surreal “horror” movies I’ve seen. The scene that does it is the one with the special kid where he yells out “Pancakes!?! PANCAKES!!!” and then proceeds to kick one of the main characters in the nuts. Classic.