Cable cuts explained

Never attribute to malice what is adequately explained by stupidity.

That article totally FAILS at explaining how these ships damaged the cables.

It’s still a mystery. Maybe the crew had a conspiracy!

How so?

I think that was a joke.

EDIT: Apparently not.

No joke, I fail at reading, but I appreciate your faith in me. Thanks, Lizard King.

They’re just a patsy!

“MV Hounslow” , “MT Ann”…aka Ann Hounslow.
It’s an ARG that got all too real.

/tinfoil hat mode

I had read that there were 5 cable cuts, not 2. What gives?

NP. I considered the joke angle, but that would have been far more tragic than an honest mistake in this case. Today, a great victory has been won for the benefit of the doubt.

Do you have a link? Because all I remember is vague freaking out about the internet being killed in the middle east early on, and now this which seems very certain about the number of cables. But I may have missed some intermediate developments in the story.

Well, with the lolcatz outbreak, I too would drop an anchor on my net cable.

There were 5 cut in all, yes. But 2 of them being clearly shown to be incompetence makes the other three that much less of a coincidence and therefore more likely to be more incompetence.