Cable TV causing ghosting/interference on my 360

Apologies if something like this has already been asked, i couldn’t find it with my rudimentary searches.

I have an HDTV and a 360, with the default video cables, and when i try to play gears of war with my cable TV line plugged in then i get some crazy horiztonal bars that scroll up and down as a ghost image. This is w/ using the component portion of the cables btw.

I get this on a non-HDTV as well, tried it on my brothers, and we had to unplug his cable TV line as well before the image would stay normal. This is with the standard video cable portion, composite i believe is the term.

My theory is that its my default video cables, and that if i were to get some better ones, like monster or something, it might go away. But i figured i’d ask around, see if anyone else had similiar experiences.

I dont have this issue, your cable box is plugged in to the TV with componenet cables as well as the 360? Mine are, and are practically wrapped around each other and dont give me any guff. The cable box’s are very thick and stiff though, but NOT monster or anything, they are just the componanant cables from charter.