CableCard + TiVO HD XL vs. Comcast

I’m moving to Seattle and my provider will be Comcast. They claim no analog support anymore, so I will be forced to go with a digital box. Of course they claim that OnDemand >>> TiVo, so whatever.

I still have an S2 with the lifetime on it, and honestly, I’m happy with it. But a refurb XL HD is $450, I can give my S2 w/ lifetime to my kids, and CableCard should make it all work seamlessly. In theory. And I get HD, HDMI, and Netflix streaming to boot.

Is this all one of those “in theory” situations or should I take the plunge. Is Netflix on TiVO actually good? How does it compare to Netflix on 360?

If you have no qualms about the price of the TivoHD and the subscription there (which I think you pay something extra for on top of your lifetime to the normal Tivo) I’d definitely go with it. I have the comcast DVR and while it’s not as abysmal as people make it out to be, it’s not fantastic either.

I think the only drawback is you don’t get to use the OnDemand stuff through TiVo so if you want that you’ll have to get a cable box and the cable cards. Also, you actually need two cable cards if you want to take advantage of the dual tuner. When you call to ask for them they will almost certainly try to charge you for two extra TVs so make sure they understand that both of them are going into the same device. It should only be 5 or 6 dollars per month total for the two cards.