Cablemodem woes

Recently (in the past couple of weeks) I’ve noticed our cablemodem line suddenly start to have the performance/bandwidth of a dead weasel. Restarting the modem fixes this (I assume by requesting a new IP address).

Is there some way to diagnose what’s going wrong?

My modem has an ip of

if you directly connect just set your machien to say 100.2 and then go to 100.1 for diagnostic page. People talk about signal ratios /etc and apparently if there is something very wrong it would show.

If the signal is too weak it could be a damaged splitter outside, technician can replace.

If signal is fine then it’s more likely to be the modem. I’m going to guess thought you’ll be getting exactly the same IP address before you restarted.

If rebooting it fixes the issue I am not sure there is anything you will be able to do on your end to solve it (aside from rebooting it). You might consider swapping it out for a new/different one, I doubt they would charge you especially if you told them your problems with it.

Right, call your cable company. They’ll fix it for you.

If you call your cable company and ask them if they have been having any problems on their end and they say no then I suspect that your modem may be dying. How old is your modem? I had the same problem that you are describing a couple of months ago. I replaced my router and when things didn’t improve I replaced the modem and there have been no disconnects or lag ever since.

I had a 4 year-old modem die on me a month ago. If you replace your modem, go with a Motorola. They work like darkest magics.


The date on the box is 3/2004 so that may be it. This is the third one we’ve gone through, because they kept giving us “new” modems when we moved out here until they finally came out and looked at the (shoddy) wiring. Worked fine since, until this month.

Will call the cable company Monday, since Time Warner doesn’t let you use your own cablemodem. Thanks.

Sounds to me like it’s time for a full inspection. Imagine my surprise when my connection started crapping out and the cable guy tells me that they never did the upgrade to my service. Yup, that’s right, they were supposed to come out, change the line and use all Gold splitters but I suffered with a 8000-9000 connection for all those years. I have a solid 12500 + now because they did what they were supposed to do in the first place. So if you don’t remember the cable company visiting you when you when Cable broadband, pick up the phone and start bitching.