Cal 34 - USC 31 - 3 OTs!

I was there. What a great game. 3 overtimes, blocked kicks, and the thrill of watching the #3 ranked team get smacked down by little old unranked Cal.

The cheer coming out of the game was “No more rose bowl…”

Funny things: USC male cheer leaders needed signs to do the “Go… Trojans” thing. After the game, when everyone stormed the field, a couple chicks tried to steal the signs and bull horn from the poor USC cheerleader, but were thwarted by a security guard.

(edited to make this thread better than the thread with 2 OTs).


That was pretty sweet. Everyone in the Pac-10 hates USC, and it’s great to see an underdog like Cal play their hearts out win in a huge way. USC’s a great team, and It’s almost too bad to see a Pac-10 team doing so well on the national stage go down, but that’s going to happen when you’ve got a lot of talent parity in a conference.