Calibrating a monitor for gaming

It’s been occurring to me recently that my monitor isn’t calibrated quite right. Everything is a bit washed out. Between the brightness/contrast/gamma settings on the monitor itself, the software settings for my video card(s) and the various in-game gamma settings I think something is screwy someplace.

Anyone know of a guide on how best to calibrate a monitor for gaming? I assume the in-game controls would be the last thing to touch, and it would be best to start with the hardware controls on the monitor and work inward?

If you have vista with media center you can use that to set up some of the basic calibration. I am sure there are other free, better solutions too but they escape me at the moment.

You can give this site a go

ah that’s great, thanks

I was wondered why the hell anyone would need a gamma slider in a game - until I switched from my ancient (but really really good) samsung 19" monster CRT to an LCD monitor :-)

Pentaduct mentioned in the Far Cry 2 thread:

I tried it last night, what a huge improvement.