California Academy of Sciences on 9/27

Still over 40 days away from a big re-opening, but I just read about this place and it looks positively awesome.

Features two huge domes (one a planetarium with a digital projection system, the other a 90’ bubble rain forest), a 2.5 acre “living” roof that just happens to be the largest patch of native vegetation in all of San Francisco, an aquarium with a coral reef, an Amazonian “flooded” forest, a Foucault Pendulum (for all you Umberto Eco fans), and lots more. I’d love to see this place.

— Alan

It’s shit like this that makes me want to visit the states. That looks amazing.

I’ll definitely be checking that out when it opens even though the living roof kind of freaks me out, with its resemblance to the place where the Teletubbies live.


This almost entirely makes up for G.W. Bush.

Fucking A - I’m dragging my wife and kids (kicking and screaming) through there, when we go on our planned US vacation.

Cal Academy was and is one of my very favorite places to go, as a little kid and as an adult. I can’t wait to go to visit the new one when I come home for Xmas. Most of my best childhood memories come from that place, and the Exploratorium.

Make sure you visit there too when you’re in town! :D

That kicks so much ass. I’ll have to go there if I ever visit the states again.