California Gubernatorial Recall Election 2021

Welcome to the insanity that is California politics. The recall drive was started because of business closures and masks, which will be long over by the time the new election is held, so it’ll be interesting to see how these ne’er-do-wells pivot to some other issue.

Seems crazy to me that a recall threshold is so low? And he has an approval rating above 50%?

Y’all are weird, California.

What a great use of money this is. Fucking dumbass Republicans.

The last time this happened was 20 years ago. Gray Davis was in office, but in trouble because Enron fucked with California’s power grid for profit and somehow Davis got the blame. “Gray” is such a fitting name for the dude, too.

Meanwhile, the GOP ran some dude named Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he had a lot of name recognition.

Chance of success here is low, but Newsom likely torched his career when he went out to dinner at a restaurant last November like a fucking moron. My circle of friends are all Democrats and won’t support a recall, but to a person we’re pretty pissed at Newsom.

Oh, yeah, he was just one of several prominent Democrats at the time being caught going out to restaurants/parties.

Furious doesn’t even begin to describe my reaction to each one of those idiots. Just stay home. It’s not hard. Most of us did it. Load up some Netflix or read a book.

Yeah, I’m not in CA so it doesn’t matter but I’m hardly a fan of his either. That showed some really terrible leadership, especially with the timing. What a prick.


It’s hard to overstate Newsom’s arrogance, for sure. Imagine being that much of an asshole.

Still won’t vote for a Republican though.

Yeah, not a huge fan of him after all the Covid hypocrisy but what the hell is the alternative? Devin Nunes??

Caitlyn Jenner

Devin Nunes’ Cow?

No I was serious.


It would be interesting if the first trans governor was a Republican!

Oh I know, I heard that on NPR a few days ago.

She is trying to claim she is “socially liberal but fiscally conservative” yet she endorsed Trump until he came out against LGBT things.


Interestingly enough unlike a recall effort years ago against Gray Davis the GOP has kinda stayed on the edge of this. Most GOP names have not come out in favor of it and nobody has really come out as a possible GOP challenger. This is just a bunch of right wing grass roots nutsoes who have worked to obtain what is probably enough signatures according to the law. But in reality in an election Newsom would probably easily win.

I’m pretty sure the 2018 GOP gubernatorial candidate has said he is running and there’s several other GOP candidates. I think the CA GOP is trying to get into this race but the thing is, there’s not really much of a CA GOP that is not “grass roots nutsoes” - basically the nutsoes are running the asylum now. In the current context the celebrity trans candidate is apparently the “non nutso” GOP candidate. Or maybe the ex-mayor of San Diego? I can’t keep track.

You probably know this, but one of the “fun” quirks of recall elections is that it skips the usual primary process, so the GOP didn’t run anyone. Instead, anyone who wanted ran for whatever party they felt like identifying with.

Schwarzenegger’s political career began with the 2003 recall election. Schwarzenegger thus got to reduce his association with the already-toxic California GOP. But the other side of this is that he had no experience, and totally circumventing the system earned him few allies in Sacramento.

I’m worried a similar dynamic will play out in 2021, only our new Schwarzenegger will probably avoid the GOP label. Voters love a lack of experience, but Sacramento is complicated.

There is no way in which this process is not a clown car catastrophe.

From the Wiki page about the 2003 recall. 135 candidates! Clown car catastrophe might be putting it lightly given the current political environment.

Top candidates[edit]

In total, 135 candidates qualified for the ballot for the October 7 recall election. Several of the candidates were prominent celebrities. In the election, only four candidates received at least 1% of the vote: