California Propositions

Counting the county ones, I’ve got 15 propositions/measures to vote for.

Dear god. My fiancee just piped up with “California makes me tired!”

In a bizarre coincidence with the voting thread, I just got my mail-in vote stuff and filled it out today. My district doesn’t have enough registered voters to set up a polling place, so all 300 of us use mail in ballots. :)

One thing I found as I was examining the props, and because I have been thinking along these lines for QT3 threads, is that I tend to be pretty Libertarian on a national level, but as we get down to state, county, and city I am OK with governance. For example, I voted against most of the federally-involved stuff, against about half of the state bonds, and against almost none of the local bonds.

I guess I’m pro-local governance, and become more “stay out” as they become more abstracted.

Fucking California propositions. Terrible shit. Endless attempts to borrow money, plus they resurrected that fucking anti-abortion one from the last election. Fuck.

I like the local stuff around here. It’s usually them asking for 12 cents a month so they can build a new library, or 7 cents a month so they can make a new park and jogging path. Of course in 20 years I’ll probably figure out all my yes votes have lead to me paying thousands of dollars extra in taxes, but ignorance is bliss for now.