California's New Anti-spam Law,4149,1298457,00.asp

I hate SPAM. I sure hope the new law works! If it does then all you guys should move to California. :P

Yeah, because laws that are impossible to enforce are great!

Washington has one. If you send me spam, I can charge you $500 bucks. I should look into collecting on some of these spamers.

My understanding is that individuals can take these SPAMers to court. So the enforcement is theoritically done by individuals and companies in the civil courts. Washington state has had a similar law for years. Has it reduced SPAM in that state?

In theory such legislation is great. The unfortunate reality is that it’s nigh impossible to locate these spammers. The thing that bothers me is how are these people expecting to make money if you can’t find them?

Likely it won’t help vs. scam email, but hopefully it will reduce the random “improve your sex life” spam. The monetary penalty is also now large enough to make me interested in trying to sue a spammer. It’d make for an interesting story if nothing else.

  • Alan

I hope it works. But nothing will induce me to move to Californication.

Actually, the CA law targets the guy selling the item, not the spammer. The theory is that it’s easy to locate the guy selling the item–there’s got to be a place to send the check to, after all.

I think the big problem might come when someone hires a spammer to send mail using a competitor’s name, to force him to pay lots of fines. But we’ll see…


… don’t tell them that… or it’ll happen… and the law will be changed…

I can’t imagine I’m the first (or only) person to think of this. I’m not even a particularly sneaky guy :) .


I was thinking about that possibility. It could be a problem. On the other hand, if people started doing that say against Microsoft, then Microsoft might be interested in going after whoever is doing it. So anyway, I’m still hoping that someone goes after the damn spammers. I gets dozens of spam messages every day. It is very ridiculous.

Another idea I read was trying to put a fee or a charge on emails if you mailed more than a few dozen emails in a day.