Call of Cthulhu is awakening on next-gen systems

Frogwares and publisher Focus Home Interactive have just revealed that they are working on Call of Cthulhu for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One systems. You may not have heard of developer Frogwares, but you’ve probably seen their Sherlock Holmes series of adventure games. They’ve been cranking these out since 2002 with the occasional game based on The Mummy or Dracula to spice things up. With Cthulhu, I expect choosing the wrong dialogue option or picking up some important clues can result in Lovecraftian sanity-blasting terror.

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Cthulhu, the new zombie game :)

I'm all for it

Call of Cthulhu: What's That, No, There's Never Been Any Other Call of Cthulhu Games, HA, HA!

From the makers of the Sherlock Holmes games, eh? Then prepare to be terrified!

Creepy Watson "feature" aside, games by Frogwares have had great atmosphere, something very critical about a game like that. Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened in particular, and it actually is a Lovecraft-crossover already (Holmes comes to investigate a cult that thinks Lovecraftian gods exist, and while nothing necessarily supernatural is actually shown, it does feel creepy).

I think this game is in a very good hands, there really isn't any currently extant studio I'd trust better.


Focus Home has released new images!

More at the link!

By the way, development was handed off to Cyanide back in February.

The first gameplay footage just hit.

I should be the target audience, but there’s pretty much nothing in that video that makes me want to play. Walking around scripted sequences clicking on interactive hotspots to gather lore? No thanks.


I have to admit that I’m disappointed, too. The character’s commentary felt very awkward, but maybe the person playing the game was just spamming the interact prompt. It lacks the sinister hints I expect from the opening moments of a Lovecraft story. The NPCs look like Disneyland animatronics.

The video is unavailable?

That’s weird. It looked like b-roll, so maybe it wasn’t supposed to be shown yet? Fortunately, someone else posted it online.

E3 2018 trailer:

Steam page up… this is definitely not the same game as Vampyr?

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Too little were the efforts of the puny humans to prevent this rising of unspeakable horror, inevitably one socked madness shall once again engulf the land. We are lost.

I watched the preview trailer on the Xbox pre-order page today. It looked awful. Not sure if it’s the same as any of the ones above.

It’s Cyanide, and it sucks.